For more than 100 years now, Ford Motor Company has been selling mass-produced automobiles in the United States and around the globe. Used car inventory west herr ford amherstn , Search our getzville, new york used car listings online. Known as one of the Big Three American manufacturers, Ford has attracted millions of loyal customers with a wide range of vehicles that offer considerable value.
Ford's early years were also distinguished by its introduction of the moving assembly line. It was the first to utilize this more cost-effective method of production, and its innovation became a mainstay of the manufacturing process.Ford expanded into the luxury-car market with its purchase of Lincoln Motor Company in 1925.

Over the next few years, the company broadened its focus even further by creating the Mercury division to produce mid-priced cars. Offering sleek styling and spirited performance wedded to available luxury features like power windows and a signal-seeking radio, the car was a huge hit.
In the wake of abysmal sales, the Edsel was discontinued just a few months into its third model year.Ford regained its footing in the early 1960s with the introduction of the compact Falcon, a model that was warmly received by the public. By the middle of the decade the automaker had given enthusiasts something to cheer about with the launch of the sporty Mustang, a car that went on to become one of the biggest sellers of its day.
Buyers adored the Mustang's low price, available powerful V8 engines and sporty styling.

In 1979, the company acquired a stake in Mazda; this move would later aid Ford significantly in co-development projects. Meanwhile, its full-size LTD sedan (later renamed the Crown Victoria) remained a staple of taxi companies and police forces throughout America.Ford rode a wave of popularity in the 1990s, thanks in part to the huge success of its Explorer midsize SUV.
In 1999, Ford expanded its family yet again with the purchase of Volvo's car division, and, in 2000, it acquired Land Rover.

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