The 2015 Ford Explorer Platinum moves the midsize utility vehicle up another notch in the price spectrum. Ford has a number of changes planned for the 2015 Explorer, including some modest exterior tweaks, an assortment of new features, a new EcoBoost engine and an all-new Platinum model that it is aiming at the sort of buyers who might otherwise move to luxury competitors such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW.
The 2015 Explorer undergoes some modest exterior changes and gets a series of new features.
The numbers are hard to ignore: utility vehicles, as a whole, now account for 19% of the global automotive market, with sales jumping 88% since 2008, Farley noted. Ford has utility vehicles in a wide range of segments, from small to large, base to luxury, but Explorer has been a particularly strong player, generating 7 million sales since he debuted for the 1991 model-year.
From the boxy, truck-based model launched nearly 25 years ago, Ford shifted to a crossover-style platform with the latest Explorer iteration, generating a wave of kudos and increased demand.
Arguably the most significant change for the 2015 Ford Explorer line, however, comes with the addition of the new Explorer Platinum edition. The Explorer Platinum edition gets its own, unique grill, 20-inch wheels, satin chrome details, silver-painted skid plates, LED lamps, a heated steering wheel and a new, 500-watt Sony Sound system.
The Platinum model will be powered by Ford’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, the most powerful offered on an Explorer, making 365-horsepower.
All told, the maker is hoping that the updates to the 2015 Ford Explorer will help it not only maintain its midsize SUV segment lead but gain ground on competitors, both in the U.S. Tags: 2015 Ford Explorer, Ecoboost, auto news, car news, ford explorer, ford explorer platinum, ford exports, ford news, ford suv sales, global suv sales, paul a.
Now, I absolutely loved the styling of the 2014 and 2015 model year vehicles, so it pains me just a little to admit that the 2016 styling just doesn’t quite have the same appeal to me. The 2016 Silverado is still a handsome-looking truck, but now it’s just another big vehicle with a flashy pickup grill. My test truck came painted in a gorgeous Pearl White Tricoat with a Cocoa Dune (two-toned tan) interior. On top of the base pricing, my tester also came with another $11,500 worth of options including 20” rims, power sunroof, enhanced driver alert system, the LTZ “Plus” package (heated steering wheel, power adjust pedals, Bose sound), full-feature heated and cooled bucket seats, navigation, LED bed lighting, step bars and more. All of the Silverado’s controls are easy to understand, including the MyLink touchscreen system. Shifts from the eight-speed are usually lighting-quick and well timed, but my one complaint related to the powertrain comes from the automatic’s performance at really low speeds. Under more normal conditions the AFM system is flawless and without the little dashboard icon you’d be hard pressed it know it’s there and saving you fuel.
One of the things I like best about the Silverado is its comfortable and composed road manners. In addition to the visual markers, the Z71 package gives the 4×4 Silverado some basic upgrades to its off-road competency. The competition in the full-size pickup truck market is seriously intense, and there’s no real poor choice. It hopes to gain even more ground over its competitors with the mid-cycle update of its midsize Explorer utility vehicle. The 2015 model will carefully tweak that formula, starting with a revised “more 3D grille,” sculpted hood, smaller headlamps revised front and rear pillars and new exhaust tips, explained U.S.
That bumps horsepower from 240 to 270, while torque jumps from 270 to 300 pound-feet, said Chief Engineer Are Groeneveld, adding, “We expect to maintain our best-in-segment fuel economy,” the old inline-four engine delivering 28 mpg on the highway.

Its debut reflect the fact that 90% of the buyers choosing the old top-line Sport model loaded up with every possible option, explained marketer Matt Zuehlk. It also comes with a wide range of high-tech features, including Active Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist, as well as a Terrain Management system that can adjust various vehicle functions for different road conditions.
I was privileged enough to be one of the first to test the new trucks and I knew immediately that GM had a winner. The new headlights are great; my tester was equipped with nice LED running lights and powerful projector HID headlights that I’d say are the best I’ve experienced in a full-sized truck to date.
The color combination is perfect for a loaded truck like this, and with the body-coloured front fascia it definitely catches a lot of looks on the road – even my wife loved the colors.
All of this makes this truck a true Cowboy Cadillac, and brings the as-tested price to $66,175. The Silverado interior, while maybe not as upscale feeling as the Ram (reviewed here), is probably my favorite of the full-size trucks right now because it is undoubtedly the most functional.
It’s also a piece of cake to find the perfect driving position with eight-way adjustable seats and power adjustable pedals. The 5.3L is good for 355 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque – more than enough to haul this big truck around with ease. While inching along in rush hour traffic, the V8’s Active Fuel Management will cycle between four-cylinder and V8 modes as it should, but on occasion the transmission will attempt to shift up right as the engine is cycling between modes and the result is a rather rough and abrupt shift. This is a full-framed pickup truck built to haul up to 2130 lbs and tow up to 12000lbs, and for that reason it does have a certain stiffness that you’ll feel on really rough roads.
Namely, Rancho brand off-road shocks, underbody shield to protect the transfer case, and electronic hill descent. That being said, I still consider the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Z7 to be my favourite as, it represents the best-rounded truck. For Ford, utility vehicles account for nearly one in every four vehicles it sells worldwide, and the goal is to grow that to 29% by 2020, the executive added. Sales under both the Chevrolet and GMC nameplates have been strong, and I’ve enjoyed seeing these great looking pickups all over the place. There are three different versions of the front end; the base model, Z71 and High Country each get a unique treatment, and I feel similarly about all three.
The new LED tail lamps are a thing of beauty as well, and the main body of the truck remains unchanged from 2015, meaning it retains its well-proportioned, clean lines. With all the discounts the big domestic brands are floating around these days I am certain not many buyers are paying that, but either way this is not a cheap truck. 2016 models equipped with a centre console now offer a wireless charging pad for your phone, and the console itself is extremely useful. The interior finish is on par with what I’d expect from a highly-optioned full-sized pickup; nice leather seating and leather accents throughout the cabin. This is slightly better than I was able to get out of a 3.5L EcoBoost F-150 (reviewed here), which goes to show that displacement isn’t everything when it comes to economy.
While most buyers won’t want to take a $66,000 truck through a real off-road trail, I did find an old hydro service trail and, during a downpour, let the Z71 flex its muscles a bit. Comfort, capability, practicality, fuel economy and style – the Silverado offers healthy doses of it all.
Before Melton could get out of his vehicle, the person opened fire, hitting the officer multiple times, Tomasic said.

To keep the momentum up, GM has released a facelifted version of the 1500 series trucks for 2016.
I loved the slightly understated appearance of the outgoing model in comparison to the overly flashy grill and bumper treatments used by the competition. The LTZ Crew Cab 4×4 starts at $53,800, and you’ll need to add another $1600 to get the Z71 off-road package (2LZ package).
Things like a massive storage bin under the arm rest, huge cupholders, an open storage bin towards the front, and a rubberized ledge perfect for keeping your cellphone from sliding around contribute to this. The dash is covered in a very nice faux leather material with neat stitching and the unique Z71 instrument cluster is very attractive.
This engine and exhaust also come together to produce a nice deep tone under hard acceleration to remind you that you are driving a proper V8. The cabin is silent, it tracks straight with little correction needed, and the pothole-riddled city streets are hardly felt at all. The rutted and very wet trail was tackled with absolute ease, despite the pouring rain and a few soft spots in the ground. If you’re looking for a full-size and the Silverado isn’t right near the top of your considerations, you haven’t done the right research. The alleged shooter was caught five minutes later about a block away, he said.A police spokeswoman said the suspect was being questioned Tuesday evening along with another person suspected in the initial drive-by shooting. Changes are fairly minimal, with the biggest impact being a new front fascia, LED lighting and a handful of unique interior features.
The door panels also offer big storage trays, and the dual glovebox on the passenger’s side is great for less frequently used items. The rear seats are big enough for three adults, and they flip back to reveal an almost-flat cargo area.
While in the urban environment, the tight turning circle makes the truck feel much smaller than it really is.
Even off-road, the ride remained composed with little bounce, making it easier to control the truck.
Of course, I was eager to get some seat time, so I set myself up with a heavily optioned 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 LTZ. A third person who had been taken into custody was determined not to have been involved and was released, police said.It's the second time a Kansas City, Kansas, police officer has been shot and killed this year. In early May, detective Brad Lancaster was fatally shot near the Kansas Speedway, and Melton had served in the police honor guard at Lancaster's funeral. Ford said she thought someone was knocking on her air conditioner until her son rushed downstairs and told her the three loud noises she had heard were gunshots. Ford said she looked through her window and saw the officer sprawled and unresponsive on the asphalt road in front of her home. According to his LinkedIn profile, he had also served in the Kansas Army National Guard and was deployed to Afghanistan from September 2010 to March 2012.Outside the hospital where Melton died, local Baptist preacher Jimmie Banks — a friend of the city's mayor — sat dejected on a bench, head lowered, after attending the news conference announcing the officer's passing.
He said it was painful to sit in that room and see the grief-stricken faces."The contributions that peace officers make to protect and serve — they deserve better," said Banks.

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