The completely reinvented Ford Explorer raises the bar for the 2013 model year with new luxury and safety features.
For additional pricing and availability in the local San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX and Corpus Christi, TX areas for a 2015 Infiniti QX60 please visit the links below for additional availability and pricing. The following information was created by Gunn Automotive Group about the 2015 Infiniti QX60 model. About usAt Gunn we believe treating customer right is the most important part of our business and our goal is to give you a simply better way to purchase and service your automobile. Maybe you’ve just welcomed your first bundle of joy, or perhaps your family is beginning to look like The Duggars. While the performance from either engine fails to dazzle, the 2.0l engine gives the Soul a more confident feeling when performing heavy-acceleration maneuvers, like merging onto a highway or overtaking slow moving traffic.
Thanks to its boxy shape, the Kia Soul offers an abundance of head room and leg room in both the front and rear seats, so you can easily carry adults and lanky teenagers alike.
If you were ever interested in the Toyota Prius but felt it was just too small, check out the Prius V. The interior on the Prius V is downright disappointing, especially when cars like the Kia Soul provide such a high quality look and feel at entry level prices. The driving characteristics on the Ford C-Max more closely resemble a sport sedan than a typical hybrid.
The Subaru Outback is a must-drive if you’ve got a family with a taste for the great outdoors. For faster acceleration and increased towing power, Subaru offers a 3.6l 6 cylinder engine that pumps out a generous 256 horsepower. The Outback’s interior favors clean and simple design language over more modern interior styling. The newest generation of the Subaru Outback is the largest yet, providing plenty of room for the driver and 4 passengers to sit comfortably.
The new Subaru Outback drives more leisurely than previous generations, which will disappoint those looking for a sporty wagon. While the design of the cockpit is modern and attractive, the subpar quality of the materials drags the overall aesthetic down.
The actual comfort of the cabin is very good and the Sonata would make a great car to take on a long trip with a family of four. Driving the Hyundai Sonata is overall a pleasurable experience, but it’s not exciting. Honda has gained a strong reputation in the automotive industry for building comfortable, reliable and affordable cars.
The Honda Accord comes with a generous set of standard equipment that includes a rearview camera, USB port, Bluetooth and hands-free text messaging. The Accord is first and foremost a family sedan, but much of the driving characteristics hinge on how the Accord is optioned. Although Mazda consistently builds great cars, they remain somewhat of a niche brand in the United States.
The black leather trim is our top pick for aesthetics because of its high quality look and feel.
Even though it’s only available in front wheel drive, the Mazda 6 is easily the most fun to drive sedan in its price range.
Lexus is renowned for making luxurious cars that are both reliable and relatively inexpensive to own, making them a great choice for families.
The Lexus RX 350 has a maximum towing capacity of only 3,500lbs, so if you plan on towing heavier loads you should consider something more suited for the job.
The Lexus RX 350 sports several standard features that make life just a little bit easier when you’re running errands with your children.
The RX 350 has no problem seating 4 to 5 passengers comfortably with ample leg and head room for all passengers. We laud crossovers like the Grand Cherokee and Santa Fe for their comfortable rides, but the Lexus RX 350 is in a class of its own. Even at highway speeds, the Lexus does a fantastic job of isolating passengers from road noise. The Honda CR-V is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a trusty companion for your family. The 4 cylinder engine that comes with the CR-V feels adequate for everyday driving and gets impressive MPG, but we wish there was a V6 or turbocharged option for a extra power on the highway and when towing. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was once a gas guzzling, utilitarian off-roader, but now you could argue the Grand Cherokee is a smart choice for a family crossover, especially if your family has towing or off roading needs. The interior on the latest generation Jeep Grand Cherokee feels, in the premium trims, almost comparable to a Range Rover. The materials in the Grand Cherokee include soft-touch leathers, brushed steel and aluminum. If you have serious passenger, cargo and towing needs, a full size SUV is the way to go, and the classic Chevrolet Suburban is one of the best on the market. When properly equipped, the Suburban can tow up to 8,000 pounds, more than enough for most boats and campers.
If you’re used to driving sedans or crossovers, maneuvering the Suburban might be a challenge. There are few cars on the road that offer the same utility as the Chevrolet Suburban, but this comes at the cost of fuel efficiency and an easy driving experience. Why it’s good for families:  Crossovers are meant to have the best qualities of an SUV and sedan combined, right?
The Ford Flex is often snubbed by families looking for a new vehicle, but we’re not sure why. Explorer now offers a heated steering wheel to enhance driving comfort and smart HID headlamp beams that dim automatically when oncoming traffic is detected.
Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. The Kia Soul combines distinct styling with a fun-to-drive nature with a more-than-reasonable price. The sportiest set up for the Soul is the 2.0l paired with the 6 speed manual, which allows the driver to rev out each gear much longer.
The rear seats on the Kia Soul are set far back, which diminishes the cargo room when all the seats are in position, but the cargo space increases dramatically when the seats are folded down.
The high seating position gives the driver a great view of the road ahead which makes it feel like crossover, but the small 4 cylinder engines and front wheel drive set up makes it feel like a sedan.
The new wagon version of the Prius offers 60% more cargo space than the traditional Prius, as well as a larger back seat.
The grey colored interior looks like it was taken out of a mid 1990’s Toyota Tercel, and most of the cabin materials feel hard and cheap. The front and rear seats provide enough room to stretch out, although hip room gets scarce in the rear seats with 3 passengers. On the plus side, the Prius V has a sturdy feeling on the road that all drivers will enjoy. That meant sacrificing performance, but most family drivers will find the power on the Prius V to be adequate. It also provides more passenger space and a better quality interior, save for Ford’s annoying MyFord Touch system.
The C-Max hybrid is powered by a 2.0l 4 cylinder and electric motor combination that puts out 188 horsepower, much more than the Prius V.
The steering on the C-Max has an authentic feeling that puts the driver in contact with the road and the sharp turning circle makes it easy to maneuver. With powerful yet fuel-efficient engine options and a comfortable ride, Mom and Dad will love driving the Outback the rest of the year, too. Every Subaru comes with symmetrical all wheel drive standard, which makes the Outback a highly capable off-road vehicle.
The base model interior feels utilitarian, with hard plastics and rubbery cloth abound, but it gets the job done.
When the seats are folded down, the Outback can offer 71 cubic feet of cargo space, putting it on par with most midsize crossovers.
The Outback’s suspension does a fine job of smoothing out bumpy roads, but suffers from significant body roll around sharp corners.
With a generous set of standard equipment, powerful and reliable engine options, a plush ride and industry-leading warranty, the Sonata seems almost too good to be true.

Most noticeably, the dashboard and door panels feel plasticky and rubberized, and the leather on the seats feels thin and artificial (because it is).
The Sonata sports a large trunk and plenty of smaller storage spaces within the cabin, but those with serious cargo needs should consider a wagon or a crossover. Hyundai has certainly favored comfort over sportiness, which is logical for a family sedan -sigh-.
The stack of controls on the center of the dashboard are intuitive and take no time to master. Optional equipment includes the HondaLink Multimedia system, Navigation and Blind Spot detection. The base 4 cylinder is not slow, but it does give the Accord a more casual feel on the road. With the Mazda 6, you get all the practicality of a midsize sedan coupled with a lively, fun-to-drive nature that you won’t find in any other sedan in its class. Shoppers looking for a family sedan typically go to Toyota or Honda, but the redesigned 2014 Mazda 6 deserves a serious look.
The dashboard and interior layout reminds us of a late model BMW 3 series, and that’s quite an achievement for a car that costs substantially less. On top of that, the leather trim is going to be the easiest to clean when something is inevitably spilled on the seats. The Mazda 6 holds grip through corners exceptionally well and you feel strongly attached to the road. The Lexus RX 350, with it’s unique set of modern luxury and tech features and ultra-plush ride, gives moms and dads a little relief from hectic family life.
First, the RX 350 comes with a power liftgate, so when you can easily open access the cargo area when you’re walking to your car with a handful of grocery bags. The seats themselves are soft, but offer enough support to remain comfortable on road trips. The suspension is tuned to soak up all the bumps and imperfections found on aging roads, but it doesn’t feel soft to the point where it affects handling.
The V6 is also considerably more quiet and smooth than other crossovers in its class, expressing only a muted hum under acceleration. You know, no matter what model you buy, that it’s going to be reliable, comfortable and have a strong resale value.
With its safe, reliable and easy to drive nature, the Honda CR-V is by far the easiest car to live with day-to-day. In the front of the cabin there are plenty of storage compartments, including a gaping storage space in the center console. Luxury models, like the Altitude and Limited editions, feel more comparable to a Range Rover than something similarly priced.
That’s not completely surprising considering that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is on the expensive side of its class. The interior in the Jeep can hang with the big-boy crossovers from Mercedes Benz, BMW and Lexus, and costs far less. The large body insulates the cabin from road noise and provides a quiet environment for passengers to relax.
However, we must say the third row of seats are best suited for small children, so families looking for serious seating should check out a minivan or full-size SUV.
To compensate for this, Hyundai offers the most generous warranty in the industry, covering the power-train for up to 10 years or 100,000 miles.
The first row and second row of seats offer plenty of space for kids and adults to stretch out and get comfortable. If you can get by with a smaller vehicle, we suggest you do, as the poor fuel efficiency from the big V8 can weigh heavily on a family’s budget. The Suburban gets its power from a 5.3l V8 that puts out 320 horsepower, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. As is the case with all full-size SUVs, the Suburban’s fuel economy is less-than stellar. The Suburban has seating for up to 9 people and still holds 45 cubic feet of cargo behind the third row of seats. The Suburban uses body-on-frame construction, which is different most modern cars which are unibody (where the body and frame are a single structure). If your next family car is going to be primarily used for running errands or commuting, the Suburban is simply a waste. Well, the Ford Flex instead combines the best qualities of an SUV and a minivan, which is more practical for families. Explorer bolsters its class-leading safety package with new knee airbags for the front-seat passenger.
The contrasting stitching on the seats, shifter and steering wheel give the Soul’s interior an upscale feel far beyond its price range.
Families that need both passenger space and cargo room should consider a large crossover or full size SUV.
The actual functionality of driver systems constitutes a small learning curve, but they’re quite user-friendly once you get used to them. Although it may take the Prius a while to getup to speed, the Prius V handles highway driving exceptionally well.
On the bright side, if you have a teenager who will be borrowing the car, the Prius V makes speeding pretty difficult.
The Ford Sync system which allows for hands-free controls is better in comparison, but still lags behind Kia’s Uvo system.
The ride is stiffer than the Prius, but allows for more spirited driving on winding roads. Drivers will enjoy the ample visibility provided by the tall side and rear windows. The Outback is also great in the snow, which will come in handy in places like the Northeast.
A 5 speed automatic with paddle shifters is the only transmission option for the 6 cylinder. Acceleration with the 4 cylinder Outback is sufficient, but the 6 cylinder helps give the Outback a more lively feel. The highway ride is comfortable and the Sonata feels stable at high speeds, but the steering feels dull and out of touch with the road at times. The base Accord LX, powered by a 2.4l 4 cylinder, puts out 185 horsepower and comes with a 6-speed manual transmission.
Overall, we found the interior material quality to be good, except for the cloth seats which look like they were taken straight out of a 1998 Civic. The 4 cylinder is the best option for commuters thanks to its excellent fuel economy and quiet manners.
The Mazda 6 also comes with a surprisingly luxurious interior design and it has stellar fuel-economy. Under the hood, the Mazda sports a 2.5L 4 cylinder that produces 184 horsepower which is about average for a midsize sedan.
The controls are mostly intuitive and easy to use, but the reaching for the controls by the screen on the dashboard can be slightly aggravating. The Mazda 6 offers plenty of legroom in the front and rear seats, but the rear seats suffer from a lack of headroom due to the sloping roof design. The steering is sharp and accurate, making the Mazda extremely easy to handle on tight city streets and through parking lot. It also comes with keyless entry and ignition, so you’ll no longer have to dig through your bags while your kids get antsy.
Sometimes the duties of having a family can be a headache, but the RX 350 won’t be one of them. The CR-V takes that a step further, providing the most easy-going nature of any crossover on the road today with practicality as a main priority.
The spring-loaded seat design makes it super easy to fold the seats away when it’s time to make big trips to Ikea.
The steering is light and car-like, but the high seating position provides a commanding view of the road. If you’re looking for a luxury crossover to take your small family on road trips, do some towing and maybe even some off-roading, the rugged Jeep Grand Cherokee is hard to beat. All Jeep Grand Cherokee’s come with an 8 speed automatic transmission that shifts unbelievably well. The 7 inch screen in the center is extremely useful and easy to read, even when sunlight floods the cabin.

As one would expect from a vehicle this size, there’s plenty of interior space in the front and rear seats. Otherwise, the Santa Fe provides the same astounding value you find on the Sonata or any other Hyundai model.
The Santa Fe comes with a 3.6l V6 engine that makes a healthy 290 horsepower, paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The design of the dashboard and center console make controls in the Santa Fe extremely easy to use. The Santa Fe also comes with a third row of seats, but it’s best reserved for children, flexible teens and adults on short trips. On the highway, the 290 horsepower engine provides more than enough power for confident merging and passing maneuvers.
The Suburban comes with rear wheel drive standard and two optional four-wheel drive systems.
When all the seats are folded down and the third row is taken out, the Suburban offers an expansive 137 cubic feet of cargo room.
If you truly need everything the Suburban offers, it’ll be a trusty companion to you and your family. The base model Kia Soul gets 25 mpg in the city and 30 mpg highway, which isn’t bad considering the Soul is about as aerodynamic as a brick. The Prius V uses a 1.8L 4 cylinder engine combined with two electric motors to produce a total of 134 horsepower, much less than most cars these days. We see no benefit to relocating the gauges to the center as Toyota has done, as opposed to behind the wheel where the driver can glance down easily. The cabin does an excellent job of eliminating road noise, providing a serene ride the whole way.
The Ford C-max comes with a CVT transmission that’s highly responsive to driver inputs and feels smooth in all driving situations. Drivers will appreciate the higher position of the seat which provides a superior view of the road. Subaru’s navigation system is simple enough to use, but many drivers will opt to use their phones instead. Hyundai offers an engine upgrade in the form of a 2.0l turbocharged 4 cylinder that makes 274 horsepower. Pragmatically speaking, you won’t be as heartbroken if you find your offspring has spilled applesauce on the rear seat or drawn on it with crayon.
The SE trims gives the Sonata a sportier feel thanks to stiffer suspension, but it doesn’t help the steering problem. On the other hand, the upgraded V6 engine makes the Accord feel much sportier, especially when paired with the 6 speed manual transmission. Luckily, the control knob behind the shifter in the center console alleviates much of that frustration. The only drawback for the Mazda is that the ride can feel a bit harsh at times, especially if you’re used to more plush sedans like the Toyota Camry. Lastly, the Lexus RX 350 comes with the Siri Eyes-Free feature that allows you to send and receive text messages, get the weather report, as well as a host of other Siri functions through voice commands. The CR-V comes with front wheel drive standard, but all wheel drive is an available upgrade.
The CR-V’s cabin is well insulated and quiet at highway speeds which we really appreciated. As expected, the turbo diesel option trumps the two gasoline engine options in terms of efficiency. The performance on the Grand Cherokee is impressive with any engine, but the diesel and V8 options should be considered if you want to get the most out of the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s towing capacity. The infotainment system in the Grand Cherokee can be used as a wifi hot spot and has Pandora and iHeart radio applications standard. We were surprised to find that the Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn’t offer a third row option, which is certainly a deal breaker for large families.
Even with significant ground clearance, which sometimes causes excessive body-roll, the new generation Jeep feels sturdy through corners. The basic four-wheel drive system has a single-speed transfer case, which is perfectly adequate for most people’s needs.
Because of its price and fuel economy, the Suburban is a costly vehicle to own, so it’s important to honestly evaluate your families needs before buying one.
The only real downfall is that the Bluetooth connectivity cannot be used for music, only phone calls.
The Suburban’s size alone makes it a handful in tight parking lots and on urban streets, but the commanding view of the road makes the Suburban easy to drive on the highway.
Yet the Flex is still a comfortable family hauler, even in the 3rd row where many crossovers disappoint. The larger engine brings the fuel economy down to 23 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway with the automatic transmission. If you’ve got a small family on the budget, the Kia Soul is definitely one to consider.
Suffice it to say, acceleration on the Prius V is sluggish at best, but the fuel economy is outstanding. Head room and leg room and excellent on both the front and rear seats, but cargo room behind the rear seats is limited.
While most shoppers will be satisfied with the standard engine, the performance from the turbocharged engine really gives the Sonata a commanding feel on the road. The driving position feels awkward at first for taller drivers, but you get used to it pretty quickly.
The newest Accord’s suspension is tuned slightly firmer than previous generations, which provides more grip through corners, but can feel harsh on less-than perfect roads.
Unlike most cars in its class, Mazda doesn’t offer a more powerful engine upgrade, but we feel the 4 cylinder engine provides plenty of power for everyday driving. With all-wheel drive, the RX 350’s highway milage drops to 24, which is the exact same case on the Hyundai Santa Fe. We suggest all wheel drive for more confidence driving in inclement weather and when towing.
Navigation is an available option, and unlike many systems, we found the Jeep’s navigation adept to the job. Opting for the Technology package gets you an 8″ touch screen with navigation, rear parking sensors, a panoramic sunroof, heated steering wheel, heated second-row seats, xenon headlights, a premium sound system and much more. If you plan on towing often, the heavier duty two-range transfer case four-wheel drive system is worth a look.
Otherwise, the Suburban is proof that a car doesn’t have to be cutting-edge to be thoroughly enjoyable.
We were also pleasantly surprised by the sound quality front the 8-speaker sound system since that’s where a lot of economy automakers cut corners.
Honda also offers a 3.5l V6 for the Accord that produces 278 horsepower, which greatly improves the acceleration.
Electric-assist steering is standard on all Accord models which gives the wheel an unnaturally light feeling, which can be good or bad depending on your driving preferences. The Honda CR-V gets 23 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway, which is impressive considering the size and weight of the CR-V. But once you fold the first and second row seats down, the Santa Fe offers an awesome 80 cubic feet of storage space. Best of all, the Toyota Prius enjoys the bullet-proof reliability that Toyota is notorious for. The turbocharged engine is only slightly more thirsty, achieving 22 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway. The base engine gets 26 mpg city and 35 highway which is just slightly better than the Hyundai Sonata.

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