De acuerdo con Uzielli, los productores de la pelicula probaron todos los vehiculos Ford antes de seleccionar a la Edge para el codiciado papel.
FORD has opened a window into the styling and technology of its vital next-generation pick-up trucks with the Atlas concept unveiled at this week’s Detroit motor show. The concept provides clear hints as to the styling of the next F-Series full-size truck, the kind of fuel-efficiency technologies to be expected, and innovations that improve the vehicle’s ease of use in a working environment.
Ford Australia brand communications manager Neil McDonald told GoAuto the chances of the next F-Series being officially imported to this country are slim. However, the concept also has many hidden features including retractable side steps, a ladder rack integrated with the tailgate, and ramps that extend from the bodywork for loading wheeled items such as dirt bikes into the tray.
Further driver aids include a 360-degree camera system that provides a top-down view of the vehicle and its surroundings to help with off-roading and manoeuvring the hulking truck in tight spaces.

In addition to the efficiency gains of a next-generation EcoBoost drivetrain with fuel-saving idle-stop system, meaningful fuel consumption improvements are made by active aerodynamics such grille shutters that automatically open and close depending on engine cooling requirements. Shutters on the alloy wheels close to improve aerodynamics at high speeds, open for style at low speeds and are powered by integrated batteries charged by energy generated by the turning wheels. Other aerodynamic aids include a front spoiler that emerges from the lower bumper to provide underbody airflow at highway speeds, but is retracted to improve ground clearance during off-roading, as do the side-steps, which fold away for aerodynamic purposes.
The stylish but rugged-looking cockpit continues the LED lighting theme and features digital displays with controls designed to remain usable by gloved hands, while thinner seat designs increase rear legroom and space for more storage. Para completar la solicitud, debes ingresar tu email en el siguiente cuadro de texto y presionar en Continuar. Pero el se apresura a subrayar que, independientemente de esa relacion, los vehiculos elegidos para aparecer en las peliculas de Bond son seleccionados unicamente sobre la base de su idoneidad para el papel.

Las cuatro unidades que cruzaron medio mundo para llegar a lugares remotos en Chile y Panama, se utilizaron a lo largo de la pelicula como los vehiculos de los secuaces de Greene, pero al final, el mismo 007 se da un paseo al volante de una de ellas. Sin contar mucho de la historia, esta es una de las escenas mas importantes”, afirmo Uzielli.

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