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Custom T-Shirts & Wholesale Clothing - Tees N' More - Tees N More has been supplying retailers with custom printed and blank apparel products for over 15 years. New Sensations - Official Site - NSCash - New Sensations Anna Bell's Pussy Featuring: Chad White, Luna Star. That question, asked by the great poet Langston Hughes, was meant to reflect on the experiences of African Americans in early twentieth century America. So what happens when you create a luxurious truck-based SUV that could run toe-to-toe with the Chevy Suburban? But at least the people behind Centurion Vehicles didn’t let their dream dry up, like a raisin in the sun. Note to self: Better organize your pictures so you can actually present evidence after making an assertion. Back in the late 90s, I found myself travelling beside a 94-ish Dodge Ram built into a Suburban-type vehicle. But if there is any one vehicle that Dearborn needs to make available here, it’s the Fusion wagon. Supposedly Dodge had the idea to do an SUV on the Dakota platform in the late 1980s or early 1990s (ala Ford Explorer) but Lee Iacocca nixed it. I have also seen a late 1990s Dodge Ram built with three doors per side- the standard front and then two rear (possibly Chevy? I only found out about the Centurion a couple of years ago…Stumbled across one on ebay and was fascinated (and hooked!).
Perhaps park it in the back yard and stare at it from different angles…while sipping beer out of a can. I remember these from the mid-1990s and even worked with a couple of guys who had the brochures in 1995 (pre-internet) but the coworkers would never been able to have afforded the cost of the C-350. I always wondered if Centurian bought a complete Bronco to salvage the back end for the C-350 or purchased just the required parts- sheetmetal, glass, interior, seat, tailgate etc.- and upfitted the parts to the 350 pickup. From the outside they just look like a tape job, I honestly thought a Ford dealer had gotten into an excess vinyl tape supply.
I was still cruising around in a loaded 86 K10 Sub when these hit the streets and even I thought they were a bit ridiculous. The original Expedition was just too small, with the rear seat too cramped and not enough stowage space behind it.
Especially when it means paying a 35 to 50 percent price premium simply to justify the pissing Calvin sticker on the back window? A dark Blue one has lived in my neighborhood for years and I just saw it driving down the street over the weekend. Given Centurion’s history of building Econoline based tow rigs, they saw a niche and filled it as ong as it lasted.
I suppose something like this could be done again… perhaps a diehard Mopar man wants something Suburban-esque. Sorry Martin, These are entirely different vehicles, made by a company with a different mind set.

These are all custom made vehicles, if you read it, you can bring your own vehicle in and for $30,000.
I had come across these just once…in 1989 I was stranded in Grand Junction, Colorado, with my blown-up Yugo. I owned a 1984 (?) Centurion, bought at Fred Jones Ford in OKC, I traded a crew cab 30 Chevrolet with a 6.2 liter diesel and $10,000 for it. Thanks for all the info, however none answers the original question about the ’87 F 250 Lehman Centurion truck I have. I appreciate that it was not another ramble about Centurion this and that, Centurion has and still is putting out all kinds of vehicle conversions and parts. I snapped a couple more images, one image of the label on the radiator support, an interior showing pretty much standard Ford Dash, I installed a boost gauge and a digital read out for the pyrometer where the clock used to be. Looks like the site only takes 1 image, here’s the shot of the label like you show on the door pillar. I have been looking for nearly 20 years for another CL and it looks like you have hit it on the nose, as it seems these are the only CL left in the gear head world anyway. With all said, all that does not give me any assistance at all to the original question posed to people like Ed.
This hairstyle is lived by many male and female celebrities and it’s popular among stylish women who have short haircut with side shaved or undercut styles. As you see it’s a backcombed voluminous hairdo that brings out all face features along with the face shape. Or does it explode?” The last lines of Hughes work speaks to the odd case of the C-350. It was probably both, but you get the point: The Classic 350 was meant to beat the Suburban at its own game. All Ford engines of course, and they warrant a sentence simply because of their massive size.
The rust is a clear indication that its been a resident of the northeast for most of its life.
Introduced in late 1996, it was based on the F-150 platform, and featured many of the same luxury appointments as the 350. Massive by any way you look at it, even if its wheelbase was three inches shorter than the Classic 350. In fact, it was slammed for being a symbol of American excess, at least until the Hummer H2 arrived. It seems unlikely, as Chevy has a Suburban as good as ever, and Ford has the Expedition in both regular and extended wheelbase forms. Instead, they accomplished what they set out to do: make the Suburban fighter that Ford could not, at least initially. I remember seeing quite a few of them at horse shows throughout Iowa and Nebraska in the mid-1980s. The thing is like driving a school bus, I’ve always found the Suburban to be more car like and easier to drive.
Are there actually people out there who are successful enough to afford this, yet harbor juvenile high school level Ford vs Chevy sentiments?
Since I live in Beaverton where we don’t salt the roads, this one is rust-free, but occasionally has a patch of moss. You however brought in a vehicle that at a distance does look to appear like a Lehman-Centurion, however the picture kind of poor quality. Centurion was a basis for all the new trucks today and a made a few trial vehicle in the eighties with all amenities Ford did not have ( or want) at that time.
It was an F-350 crew cab, as usual, but it had an extracab extension BEHIND the second set of doors. 2015 Nissan Murano The 2015 Ford Edge and 2015 Nissan Murano have been redesigned for the 2015 model year. To achieve a perfect Mohawk hairstyle you need to have ultra-short sides and longer top part which is quite voluminous to provide you with the desired engaging effect. At least one person involved with this particular conversion company saw the Ford lineup of the late 80’s and yearned for something more.
They created a truck based SUV that could haul the whole family, a boat, and all the gear you’d need to set up camp for the entire summer.
Of course, GM offered a wide range of engine choices as well, but they didn’t displace as much as their Ford counterparts . And it definitely featured the diesel – everyone heard this thing rumble by the showroom. Still, it was longer than the Suburban, and offered the same powertrain choices as the Super Duty lineup, just like the Centurion product. Regardless, the run of the Excursion was relatively short-lived, with the truck going out of production in 2005.

Heck, even a Limited or Platinum F-150 in SuperCrew packaging can get the job done these days. I feel like I have seen these before, but it was probably more likely a quad cab F-series pickup with a cap over the bed. I once went on a 10 hr drive to a conference with a carpool of those two vehicles, the Excursion drunk fuel in a way that would have made WC Fields blush if it had been alcohol.
I think South Beaverton attracts this sort of thing since I also occasionally see an 80’s Toyota pickup with an extended chassis and a fiberglass cab extension plus one of the Nissan pickup conversions with a full length fiberglass roof like a first generation 4 Runner. The truck in question will have a blue and silver reef hood ornament with the letters CL on it and in the rear it has Lehman Centurion on it.
While Centurion may be best known for their land yachts, they also made some good work trucks if mine is an example of that.
The idea of taking a basic stripped down vehicles of the day and transformed them into luxury vehicle was thought of lutercris at the time so Dearborn began to gradually introduce the Centurion vehicle line in the though that more people may want that extra comfort.
Its wheelbase was some twenty inches shorter, and it didn’t even offer the bigger engines included in the F-Series lineup.
Maybe because of the sheetmetal, they don’t seem quite as big and bloated as the Excursion.
He used it as a flag truck for is trucking company and his daily dri er when he wasnt at work. I still can’t enhance the picture enough to see detail but if the rear fender marker lights are round then they are CL. If any of you where born at that time, you can remember that the trucks, broncos, and vans had not much more then a bare metal body. Straight hair will look a bit sharper and curly hair softer but in two cases you will get a trendy Mohawk hairdo.
It makes the late-model Acadia look like an Equinox at best, and the Fiesta could probably fit inside the 350 without a problem.
I believe the front flares to be a Centurion product on all CLs but have not totally checked that out.
So Centurion found a niche, as did Southern Comfort, Lariat, and a few others caught on and sold them to Ford, and GM. Here’s a fun fact: see that Performance White Mustang peeking out from underneath the driver side mirror of the GMC?
I didn’t realize that it had a Centurion-Lehman till one day I noticed a little sticker on the radiator support that read this vehicle has been modified by Centurion- Lehman and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. As was mentioned many of these vehicle were over twice the price of the basic model of the same type. The only piece that I can trace to Lehman is the front brake rotor has a spacer to mount the Budd wheels that has Lehman cast into it.
Since this was a work truck also transporting my horses to shows and as a General Contractor, it has seen a lot of use.
Ford promised for years they were going to produce these types of vehicles on there own in 1988 but due to all the Centurion and other models out, they decided to sell them bought from Centurion instead to gather that stats on sales of more loaded models. From what I pieced together, the truck came from Ford with a 350 dually already install and the suspension upgrade slightly. In 1986 Centurion found Lehman Brothers and forged a short mate together, providing a luxury vehicle for a price.
Like you I’m always on the lookout for information or examples with the same lineage.
At $20,000 plus per horse, you what the best in power as well as comfort for the long hauls many of us made at the time. Ford did try to compete with the F 350 and well into the 90’s became near equal but less in cost. Many of these vehicles allowed the family to hit the trails and highways with the family more so as a result, many where not taken care of properly and rusted out. However, the Ford Edge offers a touch screen that is almost 3 inches larger, which provides more usability.Cargo SpaceThe Ford Edge and Nissan Murano both offer plenty of space to comfortably seat five and carry cargo.
The Ford Edge has more space in the rear, while the Nissan Murano has more room up in the front cab area.Both models have really stepped up in rear cargo room for 2015. The 2015 Murano is estimated to get 20-mpg city and 26-mpg highway, impressive gains from 2014.

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