If horizontal lines make you look wide, they make the 2013 Ford Flex Limited AWD look longer and lower than it really is. Built on Ford’s “D4” platform that is shares with the Lincoln MKT, essentially a stretched version of that under the Ford Taurus and even Volvo products. The Ford Flex, debuting in the 2009 model year, was updated for 2013, with a new, rounder grille and other exterior trim changes. The collision warning system sets off a combination of loud beeps and a row of flashing red LED lights at the base of the windshield if it appears a collision is imminent. The 2013 Ford Flex instrument panel can be reconfigured, for example, to have a tachometer replace the compound fuel economy gauge, which shows instant and average fuel economy graphically as well as digitally. Intelligent Access is standard on the Limited but not available even as an option on the base SE or mid-range SEL trim levels. An industry-exclusive for all three trim levels, however, is inflatable seatbelts for rear seat passengers.
The 2013 Flex is the first vehicle in the Ford lineup to have the SYNC connectivity system with the new generation of MyFord Touch as standard equipment.
The voice recognition was so frustrating that we gave up, as it seldom understood clearly enunciated pure Midwestern speech, and even when it did, said that an intersection we were looking for on two identified roads didn’t exist…which the manually-operated navigation system had no trouble finding. Although the 2013 Ford Flex is the same size as a Dodge Grand Caravan, the rear side doors hinge rather than slide open, so the Flex isn’t a minivan. Of the two engines available for the 2013 Ford Flex, the optional EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6—turbocharging and direct injection—is available only in the Limited trim level, and as with other Ford EcoBoost engines, it’s an overacheiver. 2014 ford edge prices - nadaguides, Research used 2014 ford edge prices and book values from car pricing leader, nadaguides..

Ford edge - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The ford edge is a mid-sized crossover suv manufactured by ford. 2014 ford edge review, ratings, specs, prices, and photos, Get the latest reviews of the 2014 ford edge. Improved ride, handling, and load hauling capability for your 2014 ford edge are just a phone call away. If the 2014 Chevrolet Equinox receives a makeover it may effectively go beyond the typical midcycle facelift. After a brief absence, General Motors is re-getting into the midsize pickup segment with the 2015 GMC Canyon and its corporate cousin, the Chevrolet Colorado. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. It’s configured to be a three-row not-a-minivan, with hinged rather than sliding rear doors, and with front or all-wheel drive and a choice between two V-6 engines. The Flex gets the latest version of Ford’s MyFord Touch system, plus adaptive cruise control with collision warning and brake support, Ford’s Blind Spot Information System (also known as BLIS, first seen on Volvo when Volvo was still owned by Ford, Ford’s version of proximity key (Ford calls it Intelligent Access) with push-button start. We experienced it several times, but only when the system was confused by a hilly twisting road.
The Flex Limited also includes as standard a power liftgate, HID headlamps and LED taillights. The belts, which inflate on impact, reduce potential injury from the seatbelt itself, particularly children and older passengers.
Ford also upgraded the screens to be more easily readable, with crisper graphics and larger fonts.

These “buttons” are on a glossy black surface below the multi-information display screen and required just a little too much aiming for us.
The Ford Aerostar, Windstar and Freestar sold moderately well to dismal, and it seemed the harder Ford tried, the worse it was.
To others, it looks like a third grade school project to make a school bus from a shoebox using only scissors, tape and paint. It’s available in three trim levels, from the base SE at $30,885, the SEL at $33,225 before options, and the $41,180 Flex Limited. Ford also claims to have made the buttons on the screen look more like buttons and improved the functions for easier navigation.  We found the system easy to use, never having to resort to the owner’s manual. A little bit of indent in the surface or perhaps haptic feedback, like that of the Cadillac XTS’s CUE system, would make it easier to hit the correct button. The Mercury Villager, shared with the Nissan Quest, helped little, and the Mercury Monterey, Mercury’s equivalent of the Freestar, was forgettable and forgotten. The last, with all-wheel drive and the standard 3.5-liter V-6 engine, was our test vehicle. Alas, collision warning—which includes brake support, a system that preps brakes for a  quick response—is available only on the top-of-the-line 2013 Ford Flex Limited in an option package that also includes adaptive cruise control. The Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country, and later the Honda Odyssey, left the Ford minivans slowly twisting in the wind.

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