Ford has unveiled the Edge Concept, an almost production-ready study that previews the next-generation Edge, which is scheduled to be launched next year as a 2015 model, ahead of the vehicles public debut at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.
Sporting an evolutionary design enhanced by, narrow headlamps, horizontal taillights and a bolder front grille, the 2015 Edge will feature a range of advanced automated driving technologies, including the self-parking and obstacle avoiding systems currently under development by Ford.
There’s no word on powertrains yet, but Ford says the 2015 Edge will be fitted with its new EcoBoost engines and active grille shutters for better fuel efficiency. Ford had nothing to say about a launch date for the production version, but you can find out more about the concept in the official press release below. When you move selections to your Ford Saved Items, you can come back any time to review models and features you want, and the local dealerships where they are located. The 2016 Fiesta was among the 48 vehicles, across 13 classes of automobiles, to be named a Consumers Digest Best Buy* recommendation for the 2016 model year. Voice-activated SYNC27 technology helps you keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.
The standard Easy Fuel capless fuel filler has an integrated spring-loaded flapper door that lets you simply insert the fuel nozzle to fill up. The available 1.0L EcoBoost engine has twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT) and was engineered to deliver power and performance for drivers who live life in the fast lane.

What's more, the 2016 Ford Fiesta has more driver leg room than the 2015 Chevy Sonic, 2015 Honda Fit and 2015 Nissan Versa. College students and recent graduates may be eligible for a $500 incentive, plus out best available rates through Ford Credit, when you purchase or lease a new Ford vehicle. Available voice-activated SYNC technology helps keep you connected, all while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.
SYNC lets you use your voice to make a call, listen to music, voice control select apps and much more. Sign up for emails that keep you in the loop about new vehicles, technologies, offers and more.
The big news is that the next-generation Edge will be a global vehicle, with availability extended to Europe, China and South America. If the vehicle must be driven in these conditions, Ford recommends using all-season or snow tires. Make a call with a simple push of a button along with the sound of your voice, and the phone conversation can be heard through your vehicle speakers.
In combination with AdvanceTrac, the standard Anti-Lock Brake System helps maintain braking control under conditions such as ice, gravel or rain, providing confident stopping power.

Enjoy all of the great SYNC features plus new hardware, new software and a new easy-to-use design.
And because Easy Fuel automatically seals after the fuel nozzle is removed, fewer evaporative emissions are released into the environment. Combine that with smart connectivity via available SYNCA®327 and the comfort of available heated leather-trimmed front seats. Like holding down the traction control button while shooting his master a look that says, How a€?bout some of that foot to the floor fun driving of yours? Naturally, Vaughn is eager to comply a€” with an off-road thrill ride that throws the action into high gear.

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