But still, people found it compelling, especially the new features such as the MyFord Touch System, the vista roof glass panel and the real grownup interior. The Limited and SEL models are available in manual mode with the SelectShift Automatic feature.
The changes in the overall exterior design are profound enough to tell car owners that the 2012 Edge is fresh and is different from last year's model. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives the 2012 Edge a score of 4 out of 5 stars. The Edge comes with MyKey, a proprietary technology from Ford that limits car speed, audio volume and seatbelt alerts. Once upon a time, in a country known as America, SUVs roamed the land with large-displacement inline 6s, optional V8s, and locking axles. In 2007 Ford sold over 130,000 Edge CUVs, but sales slid slowly as the financial meltdown and high gasoline costs put shopper on notice. Thanks to extensive sound insulation, the only way you would know the 2.0L turbo lurks under the hood is by the way the Edge drives and gulps gasoline. The suspension in the Edge is tuned toward the softer side of CUVs, delivering a ride that is compliant and composed over all the broken pavement we could throw at it. This at least seems to a better application for the Ecoboost 2.0 than the heavier Explorer. I’m still not sold on using boosted I4s for these types of vehicles, but I expect they will continue to get better over the next few years. The Sport model has a V6 3.7 liter engine that delivers 305 horsepower, also paired with 6-speed SelectShift paddle shifter-equipped automatic transmission.
Optionally, you can get the MyFord touch screen interface but if you are not interested with cutting edge technology, you may skip it. It has also earned the Top Safety Pick title from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It also has anti-lock brakes, hill start assist, roll stability control, traction control, and side and front curtain airbags.

Starting at $34,940 and bringing standard goodies like dual-zone climate control, leather, 10-way power seats, an up-level Sony audio system and Ford’s MyFord Touch infotainment system, the  Limited sits at the top of the Edge food chain. No system since iDrive has received as much bad press mixed with forum fan-boy rave reviews as MyFord Touch.
Aside from the revised MyFord Touch system, the reason we’re looking at the Edge is the new EcoBoost engine. Unlike the fuel-efficient engine choices of the last century, I prefer the way the 2.0L turbo drives to V6.
This is thanks to the tall 60-series tires standard on the Edge as well as the wide 65-inch track. If however you’re looking for fuel efficiency in a 5-seat crossover the Edge EcoBoost becomes a less exciting proposition. It has two sets of LATCH and the rear seats can be reclined or folded to increase backseat comfort and cargo space.
While the proportions remain the same—a wide stance, slab sides, stubby schnozz and a raked windshield—Ford seems to have ditched their attempt at styling the Edge to look smaller.
If these goodies don’t pique your interest, the Edge SEL crosses the infotainment upgrades off the equipment list for $31,400 and the base Edge SE EcoBoost starts at $28,845 with cloth seats and manual HVAC knobs. During our 734-mile week with the Edge we averaged 24.2MPG with conservative driving and plenty of highway miles. Regardless of trim level, the Edge’s parts quality and fit-and-finish are easily the best in its class. The 2012 Edge benefits from major software update designed to make the system more responsive and easier to use. Ford started out with a 2.0L four cylinder aluminum block, added twin cams with independent variable valve timing, bolted on a Borg Warner (KKK) K03 turbocharger and lathered on the direct-injection sauce. While some were offended by the large expanses of chrome-effect plastic, I think a bold front end is exactly what Ford needs to differentiate the Edge from the plethora of me-too CUVs on the road. Even the Limited’s faux-wood trim is plausible in terms of realistic texture and tasteful distribution.

With all that twist arriving at low RPMs, the fact that the transmission is programmed to be recalcitrant to shift (for fuel economy) is not only a non-issue, it makes maintaining speed on a mountain grade a smoother affair than the V6 Edge which constantly hunts for the right gear.
The Edge seems to represent Ford’s continuing march toward premium interiors at premium price points.
As you would expect with 270lb-ft on tap, torque steer and one-wheel burnouts are a mere throttle stab away. On windy mountain roads it can pull up its support hose and feign some dance moves, but it is unlikely the average buyer will ever try. Despite not living up to its EPA numbers, the EcoBoost delivered a superior driving experience and a true 20-25% improvement in fuel economy meaning. As long as the turbos are spooled up, the engine produces more torque at a given RPM than the V6. If slow interfaces bother you, just buy an Edge SEL, select every option except the Ford MyTouch system and you’ll essentially have a Limited without MyFord Touch.
Thanks to the generous, corn-fed proportions, the cargo capacity of the Edge is a large 32 cubic feet expanding to 69 cubic feet with the rear seats folded. By doing so you can still get the backup camera and the voice activated SYNC system which work flawlessly. While the Escape is smaller than the Edge, it’s also more nimble, handles better, lighter, faster, cheaper and AWD is an option.
Despite the sloth, my opinion is that MyFord Touch is one of the best systems on the market (after iDrive) in terms of functionality, aesthetics and ease of use. Yes the system is painfully slow at times, but I’d rather have a sluggish system that did everything MyFord Touch does than a snappy system that only covered the basics.

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