With every thing looking good, I figured the Fuel Pump must have gone when the FPDM rotted out. Where I sit now is with the tank still out of the Expedition and testing the power to the 4 wire Fuel Pump power connector. Going back out to the garage to check the continuity of the power lines from the FPDM to the Fuel Pump.
Someone please tell me there is a magic button that I forgot to push to make this all go away !!!
Now I keep reading that the power to the Fuel Pump will only be on when initially cycling the key.
It is my feeling that when the key is cycled the fuel pump kicks in and builds pressure in the fuel system to a specific PSI then it shuts off. However, in my scenario, there is no PSI build up so the system keeps sending power to the Fuel Pump waiting for the PSI to reach its spec, and then shuts off. I keep thinking that because the power is getting to the FPDM, I am thinking that something from the PCM must be not allowing the FPDM to send power to the Fuel Pump.
I keep reading through all the other posts here where guys did not have power to the Inertia Fuel Shut Off and found a melted R303 or failed relays. What about something weird going on back at the Evaporative Emissions Canister Vent Solenoid ? I recently had to replace my fuel tank selector valve and it was very challenging due to the fact that there is almost no info online on how to do this and the wiring diagram that comes with the tank selector valve is hard to read and has some incorrect instructions. All the wires you need to splice into are right there on the frame near where the valve is just seperate the wire for the front tank from the ones to the back tank to make it easier to wire it all together. As for the fuel supply and return lines I added see through fuel filters before the tank valve on the supply lines and had to replace the old nylon quick release lines with the rubber fuel injection hose from autozone. The big problem with doing this mod is that you are doing away with the fuel reservoir for the high pressure pump. Without the fuel reservoir you can have engine surging an lack of power on hills an under high acceleration. 2015 Ford Explorer has developed through the years, it has a tough little utility vehicle, into a handy, roomy hybrid with enough space for the whole gang. The 2015 Ford Explorer has a standout amongst the most roomy insides available -particularly on the off chance that you judge it by traveler space. Every last bit of this inside appears to be composed considering family utilize and a force tailgate and force collapsing seats are there to make it more helpful.
Passing by wellbeing, the Explorer is one of the most secure vehicles Ford fabricates, with inflatable back seat  and rear view Polaroids and blind side indicators. About everything that a family would toss at the 2015 Ford Explorer, it improves it than in the recent past, and it does what the wide lion’s share of us need to do in a hybrid.
The 3.5-liter V-6 that is offered through the greater part of the lineup is bounty snappy, while the front-wheel-drive Explorer with an Ecoboost four is best kept for the individuals who rarely if at any point exploit this vehicles extensive seating. Those carlike underpinnings imply that the 2015 Explorer can’t exactly hit the trails with any semblance of the Grand Cherokee.
You know you are a prepper when purchasing a vehicle you consider how a vehicle will perform in a bug out situation.

This is an age old argument in the prepping community, should you consider a vehicle that is old school with points and condenser or anything built after about 1980 with electronically controlled ignition?
Everybody keeps a full tank of gas, no prepper ever runs down past three quarters of a tank. I bought my 92 F150 a little over a year ago (its my first one) and this forum has been an invaluable resource. To answer your question, any of the chain auto parts stores should pull codes for you at no charge. If you truck is un drivable, there is a sticky at the top of this forum with instructions for using a paper clip to pull codes. The pump should not be wired wrong, the connector to the FDM (fuel delivery module) is keyed making it "dummy proof". I go back to my original post, do you hear the pump prime (run for a second) the system when you turn the key on? If not, then there could be a problem with the pump itself or with the electrical system that supplies power to the pump. If you hear the pump run, there could still be a problem with the electrical system that supplies power to the pump, there could be a weak pump, a problem with the pump plumbing internal the tank or external. You need to make sure there is fuel in the tank, at least 2-3 gallons, the pumps do not do well when ran dry, it depends on the fuel for cooling and lubrication. Put a ground on Pin A (which is pin 6 on the 95) with a test lead, any good ground will do and the key turned to ON. There is also an inertia switch which will interrupt power to the pump, if you do not hear the pump run, the inertia switch could be doing its job, here is a pic, there is a red button on it that can be pushed to reset it. If the relay is closing and the pump is running and there is fuel in the tank, a simple check to do would be fuel pressure, with the schrader valve on the fuel injector rail at the port where the gauge connects.You can borrow the gauge from the auto parts store. I have power to the Inertia Fuel Shut OFF (on the dark green wire) and leaving the Fuel Inertia Shut Off (on the solid white wire). If the wiring checks out between the Fuel Pump Plug and the FPDM, then the entire fuel wiring side checks out to be good. Question, doesn't the fact that I have power to the Inertia Fuel Shut OFF switch mean that the R303 relay is working ?
I was able to track down the needed info and diagrams to do the swap from a pressure controlled selector valve which is facotry stock and the electronic valve autozone sells. This is why Ford put the fuel reservoir in all of these trucks and vans to eliminate this problem as stated by the FORD shop manual. It likewise charms gear heads of an alternate kind with Myford Touch, the convoluted however guaranteeing framework that uses voice, catch or touchscreen control to legislate infotainment and other vehicle capacities. It makes a lot of space for loads of individuals, or bunches of stuff, and it does it substantially more productively than it ever did previously. Inside it tries its hardest impression of a Taurus vehicle in look and feel, though somewhat more upright. The Explorer Sport is an alternate identity -fast, tight, and quicker than any V-8 Explorer of the past; its a hybrid expansion of the Taurus SHO.
Anyway out and about taking care of is its strength, and it has fast, overall weighted directing in addition to fabulous ride control, because of its significant check weight and an autonomous suspension.

A Terrain Management framework controls dependability and different frameworks to utmost wheelspin while keeping up a 5,000-pound towing limit. Don't know if this is the place to post it but; for some unknown reason I am attracted to the Ford F150 1995. You can run the pump independent of the EEC with this test connector, you can do fuel pressure tests and voltage checks in the system with this connector. I am hoping that mine being a ZF I may have enough space to make it fit, but I guess we will see. Getting into the third column is a little harder than it is for the Ford Flex, as the Explorer sits taller. For 2015, second-column warmed seats and versatile journey control are recently accessible on the Limited and programmed headlamps have been made standard.
It clutches those mud-running bona fides as well regardless of the fact that they likely were just ever weekend desire for a large portion of their suburban holders. Execution is secured down, just about to game wagon models, with unsurprising and accessible all-wheel drive. It’s without a doubt Explorer Lite contrasted with the removed past, however its still very able, in the more extensive perspective. Our site is specifically designed for you and it's a great place for Ford F150 Fans to meet online.Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your truck, and have a great time with other Ford F150 fans.
Bought a quick release tool of the rack, hope it works better than the "sharpie" lid method on youtube. I could pull about 22PSI with the old truck so I think this one should be able to do about the same.
The negative readings I was seeing that prompted me to change out the MAP were with the engine OFF. But took off the bolt to swing the Fuse Panel and look behind for something melted, but it all just looks like solid plastic. This is my second one I've had and since I can't afford a new truck, I plan on keeping this one as long as possible. Will let you all know how it goes tomorrow, when "this" guy is supposed to get my truck running. That didn't seem right to me and I remember JP saying that he would see that from time to time when his BARO was bad.
Later cut back some plastic to view into the Inertia Fuel Shut Off and confirm they were the correct wires.
Below is the diagram and image that I found that saved my *** as well as a link to the page i got it off of. He is force-ably saying that the ignition module is the problem with the pump issue, i don't want to **** him off, so I'll have him change the filter (duh?) first!
Like I said I'm not ready to call it a total victory, but it ran stronger this afternoon than it has in several weeks.

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