Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Does anyone have a diagram showing the orientation of the springs, brackets, etc for a 1979 F100? Isidro, el motor V6 3.0 TDI de 3 litros de tu Audi lleva cadena de distribuciA?n, no hay que cambiarla, solo comprobar los tensores en las revisiones rutinarias cuando pase por el taller. La herramienta gratuita facilitarA? a los desarrolladores crear Apps compatibles con el sistema SYNC de Ford. Este sistema de infoentrenimiento serA? estrenado cuando se lance la nueva generaciA?n del Porsche Panamera. Los avisadores de radar permitidos en nuestro paA­s no estA?n muy extendidos, pero A?merece la pena tener uno? En Auto10 utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y mostrarle publicidad relacionada con sus gustos mediante el anA?lisis de comportamientos de navegaciA?n.
The part that refers to them as Sensor 1 simply means that they are located before the catalytic converter.

To test the oxygen sensor (O2S11 and O2S21), the very first thing you'll do is to create a Rich Condition. This Rich Condition should get the O2 sensors to react and report this Rich Condition back to the PCM. This can easily be done by spraying a little carburetor cleaner into an available vacuum hose while the engine is running. If the oxygen sensors (O2S11 and O2S21) are functioning properly you'll see them report 0.900 Volts on your scan tool display screen (in Live Data mode).
2In Live Data mode, on your scan tool, scroll down to the PIDs that are labeled O2S11 and O2S21. 4With the engine running, spray a little carburetor cleaner into a vacuum hose (that has engine vacuum) while you observe your scan tool's display screen. You're not going to be able to spray carb cleaner into the throttle as the engine is running, because if you were to do this, the engine will die as soon as you disconnect the air duct from it (to spray into it).
Everything else in the system is pretty simple, that's about the only thing I could think of that would prevent the pedal from moving.

These are the PIDs that'll show you what voltage values the O2 sensors are producing and sending the PCM. If this happens to you, just restart the engine and repeat the step and spray less carb cleaner spray.
They do not need to be replaced, since what is causing the PCM to think they are fried is something else. En su contra, al menos inicialmente (ahora ya no hay tanta diferencia), un funcionamiento más ruidoso.

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