This car has a 5 door off-road vehicle body style with a front positioned engine supplying power to the front wheels.
Back in the stone ages of motoring, cars came with real instrumentation, typically including a tachometer (to measure engine speed), a speedometer (to measure road speed), a voltage gauge or an ammeter (to measure voltage or current to the battery), an oil pressure gauge, an oil temperature gauge, fuel gauge and a coolant temperature gauge. Typically represented by the word “TEMP” or a stylized thermometer, this is another warning light that demands your immediate attention. Typically represented by the word “BRAKE”, this usually means one of two things: either you forgot to release the parking brake and are enjoying the smell of burning brake pads, or your brake fluid level is low. Typically represented by a battery symbol, this means your charging system isn’t working properly. Typically represented by a stylized engine, this light signals that you’ve got some kind of trouble with your engine’s emission control systems.

Usually represented by a cross section of tire with an exclamation point in the center, this light means that one of your tires is low. Represented by the letters “ABS” in a circle surrounded by brackets, this light means that your ABS system isn’t working as intended.
My Volvo S80 has a Lambda that lights up and it isn’t in the owners manual, any ideas what that would mean?
The TPMS, while acting as a good reminder for people to check their tire pressure, is in my opinion more of a CYA tool for auto and tire manufacturers stemming from the whole Explorer rollover thing. For example, say you adjust your cold (should always be measured cold) air pressure to adjust for a cold ambient temperature and high altitude (6500 ft) so that you are running 35 psi.
I’d suggest you take it to a Volvo dealer (or independent shop who specializes in Volvo repairs) and have them diagnose it.

You definitely want to get this looked at, since a bad oxygen sensor will cause the car to run rich. Stay tuned with exclusive news from the car industry, download high-resolution wallpapers at no cost and share everything you love on the social media.

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