On most Ford engines the #1 cylinder is the first cylinder at the front of the engine on the passenger side (right side) of a rear-wheel drive car or truck. The cylinders are numbered in sequence starting with the #1 cylinder going towards the back of the engine on each cylinder bank (see illustrations below).
The correct firing order is very important because mixing up the spark plug wires may prevent the engine from starting, cause it to backfire and run very poorly if at all. NOTE: On engines where two adjacent spark plugs fire right after each other, it is important to make sure the spark plug wires are not routed right next to each other for a long distance.

On engines with distributorless ignition systems or coil-on-plug ignition systems, the firing order is controlled by the ignition module or engine computer. View DetailsBlack Center Console Armrest Lid Cover is a direct fit for the following:2005-2009 Ford Mustang. 2004-2008 Ford F-150 Medium Pebble Center Floor Console Storage Box Lid OEM NEW (Fits: Ford)Genuine Ford Parts & Accessories 100% Satisfaction!
The listing is just for the lid.This style of console was mostly made between 2003 and 2006 it is just the lid.

2009-2014 Ford F-150 Charcoal Black Center Console Arm Rest Lid Cover Pad OEM (Fits: Ford)Genuine Ford OEM Parts & Accessories 100% Satisfaction! 2002-05 Ford Explorer Mountaineer Center Console Door Lid Latch Lock Striker OEM (Fits: Ford)Genuine Ford OEM Parts & Accessories 100% Satisfaction!

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