He thought he recognized the truck at the storage facility, although now it was in total disrepair. Nevertheless, the chance to own a piece of history and build it into his own ride was too good to pass up. Steve planned to install a radical Ford engine with plenty of power, but first he made a beeline to Total Cost Involved Engineering (TCI) in Ontario, California and met with General Manager Sal Solorzano. TCI had just put the finishing touches on an F-100 chassis jig fixture and was up to the task of creating a new chassis for the ’56. They even agreed to make mounts for the 2001 supercharged Ford Lightning engine and huge AOD transmission. A striking show package was added, made up of polished stainless steel A-arms, chromed spindles, polished backing plates, chromed sway bars front and rear, polished stainless rear 4-link bars and polished 12-inch four-piston Wilwood brakes mounted to a bright orange powder-coated chassis.

The one-off 20×10-inch Colorado billet wheels required the 9-inch Currie Enterprises rearend fit with a Trutrac posi to be narrowed to 56 inches to clear the stock-width fenders.
JBA makes a spaghetti-style header for Ford Lightnings, and as it turned out, the head pipe flanges just needed some rotation to fill the hot exhaust gas flow requirements. According to Doug, “I had not used Hot Hues before, and it only required six quarts of paint over black sealer.
The rat’s nest of wire was converted into a plug-and-play kit complete with paper tags and instructions. The bed wood was actually raised 5 inches to clear the rearend housing with a custom-fabricated bed subframe. Mike Sutton of Long Beach Threads applied the black bimini cloth to the aluminum bed cover that opens via electric rams.

I set out to cultivate a number of Street Trucks Magazine articles on how to use a computer-controlled engine in a classic truck. Ironically, I have now served as president of Pickups Limited OC [Orange County] for the past six years and I’ve been a salesman for Total Cost Involved for over three years, as well.

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