After a seven-year wait the fifth volume in our highly regarded a€?The Ventures In The Vaultsa€? series finally emerges. After some digging we have been able to unearth the finished version, which makes it even more of a treat than before. The first of the released titles is Bobby Leonard & the Explorersa€™ a€?Rockina€™ Shipa€™, which came out on Bob Boglea€™s Unity label in 1962 (Leonard being Boba€™s middle name).

A typical Ventures instrumental of the period, with a memorable melody and arrangement, it makes a very worthwhile addition to their canon. We also have a number of fascinating alternate versions, most quite different from the ones fans know and love. The second is Don Wilsona€™s revival of Ed Townsenda€™s hit ballad a€?For Your Lovea€™, issued on the banda€™s Blue Horizon label in 1961 under the name Don Dixon.

Since it debuted on a fan club cassette a decade or so ago, wea€™ve been searching for a better quality version of a€?Mr Bluea€™, and finally wea€™ve found it.

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