In the middle of last year, The Economist released rankings for the world’s most livable cities, and Hong Kong was found at the top. In an attempt to draw attention to the issue, human rights organization Society for Community Organization recently commissioned a series of photographs showing what a number of unacceptable living spaces look like when viewed from directly overhead.
Residents go about their lives in these confined spaces, sleeping on one corner, eating in another, storing their belongings in a third, and perhaps watching a TV that’s found in a fourth. SoCO’s wide-angle photographs capture how cramped these spaces really are by showing everything within them in a single frame. Plotagraph Pro is an incredible new photography tool that can take any still image and animate it into a beautiful looping GIF or video file.
Virgina-based photographer Ray Reynolds is finding out that there are consequences to covering one of (if not the) most controversial public figures in the world.
Nikon Singapore posted an announcement on its Facebook page yesterday, congratulating a photographer named Chay Yu Wei for capturing a perfect shot of an airplane framed by a ladder in Chinatown.
Photographers quickly pointed out that the photo is clearly the result of editing, and sarcastic comments soon flooded the post. It's commonly said that a camera adds 10 pounds, making you look heavier than you actually are. In 1941, legendary photographer Ansel Adams began working for the US Department of the Interior to shoot large format photos of National Parks and other notable locations out in the great outdoors.
Here's a little something that's bound to put a smile on your face before you head off into the weekend.
If you shoot portraits and you're not sure if you should upgrade from the APS-C system you're using to that full-frame body you're coveting, read this first.
Printing a hologram usually involves some sort of special materials or lenses, but a company called Lumii has invented a way to do it with a regular old Epson inkjet printer! The Science Channel on YouTube just released a really neat video in which they show you the inner workings of a $50K cinema lens. Computers are changing photography in a big way—from colorizing black and white photos automatically, to telling how memorable your photos are. Carsales Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a car, and read all the latest news and reviews.

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Penthouse style apartment (one of a pair) situated in this vibrant and seriously central location.
KatieTraverse City, MITC is loaded with bible thumping racists, homophobwe moved here knowing how beautiful the landscape is, but the people are rude and judgmental. What many people don’t know, however, is that there is a percentage of Hong Kong residents living in rather horrid conditions. These are 40-square-foot living spaces created by dividing already-small apartments into multiple units. The images were likely captured by simply fixing a camera with a wide-angle lens to the ceiling, and then triggering a shot remotely (the photographer cannot be seen in the image).
One was Menno Aden’s photos of various spaces as seen from above, and another was photographer Michael H. No need to shoot a video or capture multiple frames, a single JPEG is all this Web-app needs. Looking back through my archives, I realized that I've covered topics like film selections and scanning film but to date I've skipped one really important part: metering and exposing color film. Ever since he began photographing Republican nominee Donald Trump professionally, the rest of his business has completely dried up. Here's a striking animated GIF that shows how much the focal length of a lens affects your apparent weight in a portrait. I told her I didn’t take their photo—and it was true, I was just facing them playing Pokemon Go on my phone as many others were also doing in the park that day.

The same job opening has appeared again: the National Parks Service is looking to hire a black-and-white large format photographer, and the salary is up to $100,000 per year. Highsmith is reportedly suing Getty Images for $1 billion, claiming that the stock photo company committed copyright infringement through the "gross misuse" of 18,755 of her photographs documenting America. It's a new series of dog portraits called Hairy, and they're some of the most adorable before-and-after shots you've ever seen. Photographer Manny Ortiz gives you a side-by-side comparison between the APS-C Sony a6000 and the full frame Sony a7 II for portrait photography so you can see the difference for yourself.
Highsmith rocked the copyright world this week when it was revealed she was suing Getty Images for a whopping $1 Billion over what she called "gross misuse" of 18,755 of her photographs documenting America. The ultra-fast portrait lens is designed for beautiful bokeh, and here sample photos that show that.
And now, a new imaging technology can change the apparent focal length of a photo, making it look like a wide-angle selfie was taken from further way with a portrait lens. Australian radiologist Mark Udovitch is helping to raise awareness and funds for cancer patients, and he's doing it by recreating popular celebrity photos in hilarious fashion using his soon-to-be-donated hair. According to a "retail source," Canon is planning to put a 30MP sensor in the Canon 5D Mark IV. They're what we share with all our friends on social media and the one thing we hold on to for the rest of our lives. Transport, restaurants, cafes and shopping literally at your doorstep and within minutes of the MCG, CBD and Victoria Gardens shopping.
Here is how I took a boring vacation photo and turned it into a unique and memorable image.

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