I know that that I'm doing the posty method all wrong because I'm not looping through it correctly, am I?
According to directions of prawn-rails, I'm supposed to create the method in the controller, create a view of it with the same name as the method, and fill in that view.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ruby-on-rails ruby prawn or ask your own question. Sc – single crochet – insert hook into next stitch, yarn over (yo), pull through stitch (st), (2 loops on hook), yo, pull through both loops.
Step 1 –  Make enough pennants and 2 stars for each link to be long enough for your string. Step 2 – Put the 2 stars wrong sides together and insert your hook through both outside stitches of the stars. As you are not joining all of the bunting pennants together you need to add a top to each pennant to give them a tidy finish.
Step 1 – insert your hook into the top right hand corner of a pennant and sc into the first hole.
You can now assemble the body of your bunting.  Stitch each pennant to a corner of a star with coordinating wool.

Step 2 – turn and slip stitch into each chain, working back along your chain until the start. Step 3 – make an additional 5 chains and insert your hook into the first stitch on the slip stitch stem to form a loop. Step 5 – attach the end of the stem without the loop to the back point of an end star. You can now decorate your bunting.  Choose a selection of ribbons and  cut some short lengths of ribbon to place between each star and pennant. Put a loose tie in each piece of ribbon and attach it to the space between each star and pennant and sew a button on top.
Please note: I am not experienced in writing crochet patterns!  I am self taught and it is very possible that I have written something that makes sense to me but no one else.
We supply a wide range of flooring products to many clients including commercial contract flooring companies, architects and designers as well as some residential customers. Use rake routes to have an insight on what params are given by convention in your resources routes. It is created using two other free Ruby and Custard patterns – mini crochet bunting and the easy crochet star alongside a bog dollop of creativity and some fun!

Stuff a very small amount of stuffing carefully in to give the star a bit of stiffness but not enough to make it overly puffy.* Continue working until you reach the end and fasten off. My bunting has been designed to hang on the end of a bed and needs to loop through the bar so I have made my loops attach with a button. I would be genuinely pleased to receive feedback and I will take criticism on the chin I promise!
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