This super elegant canopy put together with sheer fabric gives this backyard wedding a formal touch, as in, you almost don’t even remember it’s a backyard wedding! This approach is very much simple and to the point,with an emphasis on “fun!”  A few lights strung above, a couple decorations, and voila!
Invest in better quality chairs, and if you have the money maybe even rent nice cushions to jazz them up.
We generally don’t post a lot of concept shoots, but we always have the doors open for wedding ideas that are beautiful and that readers will love.

I really love the white rose petals on the ground–what a fabulous way to decorate a plain ugly floor.
The beautiful colors of this lingerie bridal shower shoot organized by a collaboration of several Colorado wedding vendors, are spectacular and the careful details will make you want to see more and more!
The overall decor of this wedding reception is simple, although the table settings and the centerpieces are thoughtfully planned out.
Again, we see the chandelier which is a great touch, better quality chairs, and a nicely put together table setting.

To create this romantic look, adorn the table with lots of candles and hang lanterns from the trees (or any overhang).

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