Singapur y Hong Kong siguen dominando una lista que se realiza de manera anual en la que se publican los nombres de los mejores restaurantes de Asia. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon en Hong Kong cayo al segundo lugar tras ser el numero uno el ano pasado. La Guia Miele, mando un comunicado de prensa a los medios explicando que con la aparicion en la lista de los restaurantes de Malasia, esta demuestra la importancia que cada vez va adquiriendo mas la cocina del lugar. Los “nuevos” Zuma y Bo Innovation, situados en Hong Kong, ocupan los puestos 7 y 19 respectivamente. These unique Valentinea€™s dates make the best of Hong Konga€™s terrain, scenery and culture.A  Picnic at the PeakAdmire the bright city lights from above and take your special someone on a picnic date at The Peak, and we dona€™t mean Whoppers on Burger Kinga€™s balcony. Finally after a few hours of flight from Singapore, sourcing our way from airport to Disney's Hollywood Hotel (our first time to Hong Kong) plus an enjoyable Disney characters themed lunch at Crystal Lotus (???) now it's time for the main highlight of our trip. Between since we arrived quite late after lunch during the first day, I will featured and shared their 7 Main themed attractions, food and beverage as well as some tips to get around the park in two separate posts. Before entering the park, the crews at the entrance gates will need to check all the bags of the guests for security purposes but all this will just take a little while as the checking lines move pretty fast.
Without incurring any extra cost, use your Park admission ticket and insert it into any of the FASTPASS Distribution Machines mentioned at the four attractions above to redeem the tickets. This approximately 20 minutes (with two show stops) parade features seven Disney Character floats such as: Mickey's Magical Airship, Caught Up in Daydreams (Winnie the pooh), Romance Takes Wing (Disney Princesses), Jumpin' Jungle Jam, The Magic of Pixie Dust (Tinker Bell), Hangin' Ten and Ridin' High (Lilo Stitch) and To Infinity and Beyond (Toy Story). Meet Mickey's Magical Airship together with his friends, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald and etc.
Caught Up in Daydream features Winnie the Pooh next to Eeyore and Tigger and attached to the float are Heffalumps and Woozles, with four "Tigger family" performers and a performer in a honey pot bringing up the rear.
Above is a short 15 seconds clip of the Parade that I uploaded to Instagram (here)  for your viewing. When the parade ended, we went over to the Jungle River Cruise which is a 5 minutes rive tour along the River of Adventure with a cast member on board as guide and driver. After the Jungle Rive Cruise, we walked further down to the new zones which feature more attractions from Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point and Toy Story Land. Each train can take up to 24 guests with minimum waiting time varies from 20 - 120 minutes depending on the days (peak or non-peak). Can you spot the short rainbow which I managed to capture form the Geyser fountain through the reflection of sunlight? Beside the Geyser fountain which just across the Lucky Nugget Saloon, there is this water playzone area where you can spray someone opposite with water cannons. The trackless Mystic Magneto Electric Carriage moves in gliding and swirling manner just like those teacup and Winnie The Pooh rides which takes you through different various rooms of the manor where you can enjoy magnificent visual and sound effect along the ride. At the Garden of Wonders it features ancient sculptures and mosaics with 3D illusions which will amazed your sight. Toy Story Land (????) ) which is an Asia-Exclusive attraction is located at the far "left" end of the theme park with two exciting NEW rides that we love and conquered. Toy Story Fans will not missed their chance taking photos with Woody and Rex which is located near the attraction entrance. Upon seated the parachute ride would be raised to the top and descend gently from a height of 25 meter for a few times leaving you a "heart" jump feeling which is thrilled. Rey and his dad in action on the RC Racer up in the mid air while I stay put on ground level taking photos for them. Slinky Dog Spin is the most kid friendly ride which spins in circular motion featuring Slinky running in a circle chasing its own tail. Just like other attraction zone, Toy Story Land also has its own unique food and gift store selling Disney Characters items and food. So do plan your schedule and pick up one of your suitable time slot to enjoy this wonderful 30 minutes musical show which is a "must see" in Hong Kong Disneyland. Explorer's Club Restaurant is located inside in the NEW Mystic Point attraction and it offer park guests with a diverse range of cuisines with popular dishes from Japan, Korea, Indonesia and South East Asian.

There are 4 main ordering counters for you to make your selection and you can refer to the menu shown above to have a rough idea on what is being served behind each counter.
I believe Fireworks display is always one of the main highlight for every guest in Hong Kong Disneyland. After the firework display at Sleeping Beauty Castle (Fantasyland) crowds starting to leave the park back either Disneyland Hotels or Hong Kong city so you can see a lot of people hanging around the shops along the Main Street USA to do their last minute shopping on gifts, souvenirs or photo taking. Before ending the day, D suggests that we go over to Studio Lounge to pamper ourselves with a glass of drink each to relax after a long day since the early morning flight. And for guest with young kid(s) like us, they do serve a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails like fruit punch and juice along with snacks like burgers, pizzas and fries too so no worry to go in as a family even though you have kids that wish to tag along. Este ano, la gran novedad es Malasia, la cual entra en la elite de los restaurantes mas lujosos del mundo. Podemos encontrar en la lista: seis restaurantes de Hong Kong, cinco de Singapur, dos en Indonesia y la India y uno en Macao, Pekin, Malasia, Filipinas y Japon. Antonio fue el unico restaurante de Filipinas que se cuela en la lista ocupando el puesto numero 5. From this moment onwards, we are going to explore the Magical kingdom - Hong Kong Disneyland to its fullest. If you are not sure on the procedure you can always check with any of their friendly crew members around the park. Since we reached the park around 2.45pm (after lunch), we decided to start off with the "Flight of Fantasy Parade" which is a must see musical parade whenever you visit Disneyland.
There is even a split queue of "Cantonese, English and Chinese" speaking guide for guests to select on their preferred language guide too. This world exclusive exciting car rides which only available in Hong Kong Disneyland bring guests through caves of Big Grizzly mountain which is filled with surprises. And according to my boy the roller coaster ride is not as scary as he thought except for some turns with slight gravity force. It's a popular hangout area for kids and even some adults so do prepared to get wet with this free fun game which is suitable for all ages.
This world-exclusive zone features key attractions like Mystic Manor and Garden of Wonders which only available in Hong Kong Disneyland. At this attraction, guests are transported back to Andy's backyard where the Toy Story Characters comes alive. Overall the ride is a fun experience where you get bird eyes view on different area of the park (Toy Story Land, Mystic Point and Adventureland) depending on where you are seated.
But just a note; for safety reason guests are not allow to bring any loose items (bulky bags, water bottle or etc) on the ride so you can just leave your belongings on the provided crates on ground level. I almost broke into cold sweat seeing both of them at the racer swaying back and forth on the U-shaped track.
Although this is a "kid's" ride but it's waiting time can go up to an hour during certain time of the day too. Guests can pick up some Frozen Yogurt, Mickey Cookies or Pizza Cone from Jessie's Snack Roundup (opposite Slinky Dog Spin) or check out some limited edition gifts from Andy's Toy Box (adjacent to RC Racer). You can check the available time slots from the park "Times Guide" to catch up the showtime. The show uses songs, dance, puppetry and visual effects to portray a tribal celebration in an African savanna with setting filled with lions, elephants, giraffes, birds, zebras and gazelles. For your information all food served in this restaurant and Tahitian Terrace (located at Aventureland) are Halal-certified which makes it a bonus point for Muslim guests to consider when planning their visit and food source in Hong Kong Disneyland.
Although the rice is a bit hard as compared to what we have in Singapore but overall the taste is still good and the chicken meat is tender and juicy too. The sharp and the best viewing point is in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle where you can see a lot of people sitting there as early as 7.00pm to reserve a good view (Free Seating) for the Fireworks Show. With unbelievable sight and orchestra Disney music as background, this is indeed a magical moment for everyone.

The concept at Studio Lounge is kind of an "elite' style cocktail bar with full bar facilities and light snacks available in a cozy environment. El restaurante Iggy, Singapur, se muda a la primera posicion tras ser el numero 2 el ano pasado, segun el ranking de la Guia Miele. Malasia aparece por primera vez este ano en la lista con el restaurante Cilantro y el Wine Bar en Kuala Lumpur, el cual se situo el numero ocho de la ista. Se une a Bujara en Nueva Delhi, que cayo al puesto 14 desde el puesto 11 que ocupaba el ano pasado. This real-life secret garden is tucked away off the Morning Trail and features a rarity for Hong Kong parks: green, green grass to sink your toes into.
And for safety reason guests must be at least 112cm tall to take the rides and(luckily my boy is tall enough to get in or else he will be super disappointed. This new attraction is opened in 2011 with rides mostly designed for children but it is also enjoyed by all ages too. Lay a blanket onto these lush little blades or spread your meal out onto one of the many picnic tables available.A  Better yet, build a little dinner haven in one of the European-inspired gazebos. From the Peak Tower, head up Mount Austin Road and build up your appetite over a leisurely 15-20 minute walk to find this emerald land. Home-cooked rooftop dinner If you or your partner is lucky enough to have access to it, a Hong Kong building rooftop is a great place for a romantic candlelit dinner. These open spaces are sorely underused but most offer a unique, elevated view of our concrete jungle. Having a somewhat-functioning kitchen and knowing your way around it will help in whipping up a home-cooked meal to remember. But otherwise, take a cooking lesson in advance, pick up some tips from Amanda Strang or pull a Mrs. Dial-A-Dinner can help you out with that one.A  Temple Street Date a€“ dinner, karaoke and tarotA  Or, you can forget the traditional candlelit dinners this Valentinea€™s and rub elbows with the locals over some greasy but delicious seafood at one of Temple Streeta€™s outdoor eateries. Be honest, we all feel a little uncomfortable in those upper-crust restaurants, so let loose and get those hands dirty peeling crab legs and giant shrimp by the handful.A Afterward, go for a leisurely stroll through the night market until you reach the street karaoke stalls.
This is where youa€™ll serenade your sweetheart under the floodlights and canvas sheeting, while trying to belt out your song louder than the tai tai next door. See what the cards have in store for you and your lover and pay a visit to the tarot readers just round the corner, but be warned that the news might not always be good.Secluded beach picnicThe winter so far has been a frigid one, but herea€™s hoping that Valentinea€™s Day will bring warmer weather to our pastures. If the thermometer rises in our favor, whisk your sweetheart away to one of Hong Kong's many well-kept beaches for a romantic picnic by the water. Once it gets dark, fill some small paper bags with sand and pop a tea light inside for your own home-made luminaries, a DIY touch that will set the mood. Junk boat dinnerWe normally associate junk boats with sunscreen, bikinis and cannonballs off the upper deck. This way, you can take advantage of the sunset views and admire what many say is the worlda€™s best skyline in both the day and night time.
The Symphony of Lights will make for a dazzling end to your date if youa€™re back in Victoria Harbour for the 8 p.m.
When the winds pick up and the thermometer drops, youa€™ll be thanking us later when your partner wants to cuddle up with you in those fleece blankets you so thoughtfully packed. Flashlight You dona€™t want your romantic Valentinea€™s date turning into the next "Blair Witch Project" after the candles run out.

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