A new burger haven has popped up within the last year or so in Garden City and it’s called The Burger Spot. The setting is casual with bright colors and the business really picks up once the kids hit lunchtime. Across the country, Seasons 52 restaurants have been operating with a focus on great seasonal portions that all sit below 475 calories. A few years ago, while in Florida, we had the opportunity to try out the Boca Raton location. Come Spring, 2012, Seasons 52 plans to open up their first New York location (and 21st nationwide location) in the Roosevelt Field Mall. The definition of Revel is to enjoy oneself in a noisy and lively way, with drinking and dancing. When we saw that PLANCHA, a new Tapas and Wine Bar was opening up in Garden City, our intuition told us that Josh, Jonathan and Lily, the trio behind one of our favorite spots on the South Shore, Salumi, in Massapequa, were behind this new spot.
The location that is now PLANCHA was formerly occupied by Upper Crust Cafe, which closed back in December of 2011. This is the perfect place to pick up (or dine in) for a quick meal that won’t set you back in terms of cost. It was the first time that we had seen mini desserts that were served in a shot glass, prepared by a pastry chef who surrounded himself with hundreds of empty glasses ready to be filled with the recently prepared concoctions. We look forward to their New York debut, and will update you as they progress with their build-out and subsequent opening.

During the early part of the lunchtime hour it may not be the crowded and lively scene that it is a night, but that definition still held true. They’re trying to keep the ingredients as fresh as can be and reduce the time from picking to serving.
Our suspicions were confirmed and with that knowledge in our hands, we knew that diners were in for something special on the North Shore.
Taking about a year to build out the space (the timetable was hampered in the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy), they opened their doors less than six weeks ago.
During the daytime, lunch hour and also at night mid-week when the restaurant’s tables were all occupied.
Garden City is home to a large amount of great restaurants; due to its perfect position as a walking village and the large population in the immediate area, so this is the perfect time and place for the Burger Spot to open. The specialty burgers are all $9, or you could make your own hamburger, cheeseburger or turkey burger and add toppings and cheeses for an additional cost. It was a relatively guilt-free option and because everything was portion controlled, we were able to indulge ourselves and try a few different desserts.
A beautiful, modern space on Franklin Avenue, the bar area takes up most of the rear portion of the restaurant, located where most of the parking is located. Executive Chef David Martinez, originally from Valencia, Spain, has worked in many of the top restaurants in the world and it shows.
Splitting their time between Massapequa and Garden City, the owners are committed to bringing their vision of a great menu, wonderful atmosphere and dining experience to residents on both shores.

This will be a perfect restaurant and wine bar for the locals in Garden City who are accustomed to great cuisine in their great location. Since that time, we’ve seen various other restaurant chains copying that formula, but none was as good as Seasons 52. The ingredients and the toppings are of the best quality, and the beef that is used in the burgers is grass fed 100% USDA Angus beef.
A mixture of seafood, steak and pasta offerings are all available to enjoy with or without a wonderful libation from their drink menu. Our server ( sorry, forgot your name) COULDN’T have been any more friendly or helpful ( thank you for the wine recommendation – spot on ! WOOLWORTHS, COLES AND ALDI SUPERMARKETS Having the three major supermarkets under one roof is a big bonus for me as I love circling the specials on their weekly catalogues and going to the shops to buy the discounted products that our household uses around the house. Major criticism ( which he CLEARLY had no interest in hearing): if restaurant is truly meant for dinner, and meant for wide public appeal, really need to EXPAND the tapas menu !

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