TheĀ US Army Survival Manual is one of the most complete books on how to survive the wilderness, deserts, swaps, and any other type of dangerous terrain. From the very beginning of the book it explains that you must overcome the desire for comfort and this is true in the Undead reign of terror. Much of the book is up to date, and even the items that are out of date are only because technology has made tools that will simplify methods covered in this book.
We suggest going through the book from the first page to the end and then going back to re-create all the different survival guides. How this book relates to the Zombie Apocalypse is that you will need a certain amount of basic survival skills to keep yourself alive and as healthy as you can be.

There is so much useful information in this book from catching food, to what kinds of animals are poisonous, building shelter, making fire, and how to plan ahead for survival and protection. It is a little bit of a harder read if you are an average reader and not all of the diagrams are perfect but in the grand scheme of things the US Army Survival Manual is a great way to start when planning for the Zombies. This way you can hone in your skills that you have learned since knowing how to do something and actually doing it are two separate things.
Being able to to survive any setting will increase your chances dramatically of staying alive and fighting. The building sections of this book is invaluable so you can develop working tools, weapons, and traps.

Start with certain methodologies to prepare yourself such as when in a disaster you should acquire a few things right off the bat such as shelter, water, food, and protection.

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