The reason why people build a garden at home sometimes is because they want to make the lovely home looks greener and fresher. Well, related to the matter, of course the type of garden is available in several variants depend on what the purpose of the garden itself.
Anyway, if you love gardening at home and have a plan to plant such lovely fruit that could be useful for your health and also could have great ability to make the garden you have at home looks chic as well, then growing cantaloupe in the garden of yours could be a perfect idea to concern. Cantaloupe is a great fruit that used to consume by people who are on a diet for losing weight effectively. If you think that growing this lovely shaped fruit in your garden requires you understand such confusing landscaping technique, then you do not have to. Well, if you want to know the great simple tips for growing cantaloupe, here they are then the detail information you should know as follow.
Anyway, how to grow cantaloupe is similarly like growing or planting melon and watermelon as well. Before start planting cantaloupe, just make the soil where you would grow cantaloupe becomes friable.
Mulch the cantaloupe plant using black plastic to cover it perfectly could help you gives the warm temperature as cantaloupe needs for growing perfectly. When the plant of cantaloupe already grows fruit, just minimize watering it because it would cause the cantaloupe fruit getting rotten. Because cantaloupe still the family of Cucurbitaceae which is also still a family of melon (that’s why cantaloupe also known as muskmelon), then no wonder if the common pest that often inhibits this plant grows healthily is the Melon aphid.
So, just make sure you visit this cool home and garden site to get more and more great information you need for creating a green and fresh shelter of yours. Welcome to My Green Shelter, I love sharing all ideas, inspirations, and even tips for helping you have enchanting, chic , and green shelter of yours. May 5, 2013 by Shantha Leave a Comment Botanical name of Peepal Tree is Ficus religiosa and belongs to the Moraceae. The Peepal tree can be traced back to the times of Indus Valley Civilization (3000 BC – 1700 BC) in the Mohenjodaro city and there is evidence that this tree was worshiped by Hindus during that time.

Peepal is a deciduous tree and grows to a height of 100 feet and the trunk, which is grey, can have a circumference of 3 meters.
In Kannada it is known as Arali mara and in Sanskrit it is known as Aswattha vriksha, Pippala vriksha. Ficus religiosa is used to treat many ailments like asthma, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy, gastric problems, inflammatory disorders, ulcers, and infectious.
But, not a few people who build a garden at home just because they love gardening in any leisure time they have. No wonder if there is such flower garden, vegetable garden, and even herb garden that people used to have at home. Anyway, growing cantaloupe could be a great idea if you at this time also plan to losing weight for reaching your ideal weight as you dreamed of.
Growing the lovely fruit like cantaloupe could be done by you simply without bothering yourself at all.
Make sure that the raised bed has good drainage and could hold the temperature stays warm because cantaloupe needs warm temperature to grow healthily and even perfectly. Besides, the dry condition during the fruit growth period would result the sweeter cantaloupe fruit while ripened.
This pruning process would help you have the bigger fruits that even have the better fruits quality. Of course it could cause the stem, leave, and even fruit of cantaloupe you plant in the garden full of small holes. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment (Bodhi) under a Peepal tree in Bodh Gaya and this tree is still present in Bodh Gaya.
As a delicious fruit, basically cantaloupe is also so many great healthy benefits to let you stay healthy through consuming this orange flesh fruit.
Besides delicious and healthy fruit cantaloupe also has a unique interesting form and shape that looks like melon. Cantaloupe is easy to grow even in the lovely garden at home, there are also more and more people who plan to grow cantaloupe in pot at their own lovely home garden.

You could even able to grow cantaloupe without buying cantaloupe seed at all because you are able directly plant the seed of ripen cantaloupe to the soil that you have in the garden of your home. Too much water during the setting fruit period only would make your cantaloupe plant has the bland fruit. Pruning the infected leaf could be the right move to do for preventing this pest inhibits your cantaloupe plant growth. Kaolin clay application is the greatest preventing management you could apply for your cantaloupe plant at home for preventing this pest inhibits the growth of your cantaloupe. Besides, most of cutworms even make holes from the soil surface where you grow the cantaloupe to reach the root of the cantaloupe plant itself. It is believed that all the gods reside in the tree, the root being Brahma, the trunk Vishnu, and the leaves are Shiva. Growing this delicious healthy fruit in your garden at home could be so interesting and nice to try, then. Therefore, knowing the right pesticide you could apply for protecting the cantaloupe plant in your garden stays healthy is also important to know. There are several effective chemical yet safe pesticides you could find in any gardener shop near your for destroying this pest. The leaves are heart shaped with narrow tips and can be 15 – 17 cms long and 8 to 12 cm wide. Besides, the important move you should do for the next is always removing the old soil after harvesting the previous plant before planting the new one plant to make sure that the soil you plant for growing the next plant is free from this pest.

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