Medications are a leading cause of erectile dysfunction in men.If you're one of the very few NOT taking meds, congrats, you can skip this section.
If you're taking ANY medication, work with your doctor to get them out of your life, and use Natural Methods instead. They also come with side effectsa€¦quite often worse that the original symptom you were attempting to treat. If that penis dysfunction of yours came along with low sex drive, you most likely have a Low T problem. If this describes you, your best course of action would be to begin a cycle of OTC Testosterone Boosters.
I know this is going to sound odd, but that lack of sex drive is actually a really good sign in my book. If you're thinking about using one of those ED drugs advertised on all over your television set, you'd better think twice. If you're suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are two supplements you should be using daily.
Your testosterone levels are highest in the early am hoursa€¦which is why most men wake up every morning with an erection.

Penis dysfunction and heart disease are both warning signs that bad things are happening in those blood vessels of yours. Find out which vitamin you need to maximize in your system if you want to get control of your erectile dysfunction.
Blood sugar does many bad things inside your body, and one of the worst is the damage it inflicts on your blood vessels. Volume Pills, Erections, & Supplement Dosages!  Volume Pills, Erections, & Supplement Dosages! Erection Problems! Everytime my girlfriend comes on me to, my penis does not get hard enough, nor does it get very erect.
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Saw Palmetto, Erectile Dysfunction & Sex With My Wife! Not rated yet Saw Palmetto, Erectile Dysfunction & Sex With My Wife! Erectile Dysfunction & Arginine! Not rated yetI've been suffering from erectile dysfunction since my mid 20's. Antidepressants Chronic Fatigue & Erectile Dysfunction! Not rated yet Antidepressants Chronic Fatigue & Erectile Dysfunction! Low Testosterone Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction  Not rated yetI just happened to come upon your site when browsing through for solutions for low testosterone.
In the UK, you can visit the public health service's NHS Direct site for "a comprehensive on-line health encyclopaedia".

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