A closed head injury means you received a hard blow to the head from striking an object, but the object did not break the skull.
An open, or penetrating, head injury means you were hit with an object that broke the skull and entered the brain.
Learning to recognize a serious head injury and give basic first aid can save someone's life. If the person's breathing and heart rate are normal but the person is unconscious, treat as if there is a spinal injury.
If the person is vomiting, to prevent choking, roll the person's head, neck, and body as one unit onto his or her side. A more serious head injury that involves bleeding or brain damage must be treated in a hospital.
Friends or family may need to keep an eye on adults who have been injured after they are released from the emergency room or office. Parents or caregivers of children will need to learn how to keep an eye on the child after a head injury.
The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Coreless rolls are easy to handle and afford you flexibility in the way you distribute liners to your employees. Parents and coaches play an important role in making sure young athletes protect their eyes and properly gear up for the game.
Eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children in the United States and most injuries occurring in school-aged children are sports-related. These injuries account for an estimated 100,000 physician visits per year at a cost of more than $175 million. Ninety percent of sports-related eye injuries can be avoided with the use of protective eyewear. Protective eyewear includes safety glasses and goggles, safety shields, and eye guards designed for a particular sport.
Protective eyewear, which is made of ultra-strong polycarbonate, is 10 times more impact resistant than other plastics, and does not reduce vision.
Whether you are a parent, teacher, or coach, you can encourage schools to adopt a policy on protective eyewear. Types of injuryThree types of eye trauma can result from sports injuries: corneal abrasion, blunt injuries and penetrating injuries.
Corneal abrasion, a scrape of the outer surface of the eye, usually is painful but not severe.
Blunt injuries occur when impact from an object (tennis ball, racquet, fist, elbow, etc.) causes sudden compression of the eye. One of the common results of more severe blunt trauma is bleeding in the front of the eye between the clear cornea and colored iris.
The evaluation of sports-related eye injuries is the same as for other types of eye trauma. TreatmentPrompt first aid after eye injury may greatly improve the chance of preserving vision. Racquet sports—Stricter standards for eyewear for racquet sports have helped reduce the number of eye injuries from these activities.

Today, the standard eye guard designed for use in sports such as racquetball, baseball and basketball is made of polycarbonate (plastic) and has closed lenses and sports frames.
Collision sports—Total head and face protection is essential for any collision sport, for example, a helmet in football and a face mask in hockey. The identification of patterns in sports eye trauma is important in helping prevent many of these injuries. This usually happens when you move at high speed, such as going through the windshield during a car accident. Even if the skull is not fractured, the brain can bang against the inside of the skull and be bruised.
This still protects the spine, which you must always assume is injured in the case of a head injury.
If the person is an athlete, follow the health care provider's instructions about when the person can return to sports.
Follow the health care provider's instructions on when the child can go back to being active and playing sports.
A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.
The unique one-way valve is designed to let air and blood escape while preventing re-entry of either. Protective eyewear should be part of any uniform because it plays such an important role in reducing sports-related eye injury.
Ordinary prescription glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses do not protect against eye injuries. Parents and coaches must insist that children wear safety glasses or goggles whenever they play. All children who play sports should use protective eyewear-not just those who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. More emergent injuries, such as head trauma with loss of consciousness, are always treated first. The recommended first aid involves placing a protective cover over the eye to prevent further damage. The best prevention of eye injury while involved in sports and recreation is to wear specially designed protective eyewear. Research done at the UIC Eye Center and elsewhere has led to the improvement of these eye protection devices. Avoid open lenses, as a small ball traveling at high speed can be compressed through the opening and cause severe eye damage.
The National Eye Trauma System (NETS) is collecting data on the frequency and types of eye injuries, including those due to sports. The head may look fine, but problems could result from bleeding or swelling inside the skull.
It contains Omega 3, 6 & 9 and Rosemary which are shown to reduce pain associated with inflammation.

Proven to be a more effective treatment than standard petroleum gauze, the ACS is standard issue for the U.S. For children who do wear glasses or contact lenses, most protective eyewear can be made to match their prescriptions. Many professional basketball players wear goggles when they play to protect themselves from such an injury. This involves bleeding from the delicate blood vessels of the conjunctive, which lie on top of the white outer coat of the eye.
In addition, blunt injury may cause a cut or tear of the eyelids, which may need special suturing. Also, a piece of glass from spectacles shattered during sports play sometimes can penetrate the eye. Such eye guards, while they cannot eliminate risk, greatly reduce the chance of ocular injury.
The standardization and use of face masks in organized amateur ice hockey in Canada led to a 66 percent reduction in eye injuries.
Links to other sites are provided for information only -- they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites. It also contains Capsaicin which is a warming ingredient that works by depleting Substance P, the chemical in the body that is responsible for the sensation of pain, Acai which provides a rich source of anti-oxidants, Peppermint which is believed to inhibit the growth of germs, and soothing, calming Aloe Vera. It is especially important for student athletes who have vision in only one eye or a history of eye injury or eye surgery to use protective eyewear. Penetrating injuries often cause severe, sight-threatening damage; they are true emergencies and must be evaluated promptly by an ophthalmologist. Regular eyeglasses and contact lenses do not offer adequate protection from sports injuries. Severe blunt trauma also may damage important structures inside the eye, such as the retina or optic nerve, resulting in potentially permanent visual loss. Any duplication or distribution of the information contained herein is strictly prohibited.
As symptoms of severe injury are not always obvious, it is crucial that all cases of eye trauma get a thorough eye examination from an ophthalmologist. Therefore, if you suffer a blunt injury to the eye, see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.
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