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How to deal with accidents and emergencies • Keep calm and look for any dangers to yourself or to the injured person. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
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If you would like to speak directly with a Highfield representative please call 0845 2260350. You must add a MINIMUM of 250 books to your basket in order to qualify for FREE custom covers. The Basic Life Support (BLS) and the Safe use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training presentation, which uses PowerPoint, is an excellent value training resource for the delivery of the Level 2 Award In Basic Life Support and Safe Use of an Automated External Defibrillator qualification. This product will be provided to customers as a digital download and upon purchase the Highfield sales team will contact you regarding download instructions. Child CPR? Check for responsiveness? Yell for help but dont leave the victim? Check for breathing Max.
Hand Placement - Child ? Rescuer can use one or two hands to do compressions ? Place heel of one hand in center of chest in line with nipple line. Infant CPR? Check for responsiveness? Yell for help but dont leave the victim? Check for breathing Max. Adult Choking - Responsive• Stand behind the person and wrap your arms around the person’s waist.• Make a fist with one hand. Child Choking - Responsive? Performing first aid for a choking child is very similar to an adult.
Automated External Defibrillator (AED) AEDs are computerized devices that allow laypersons to attempt defibrillation safely. You have already been tested on your ability to perform the buddy-aid tasks which every soldier is expected to know and perform.

Identify the functions of the combat lifesaver and the contents of the combat lifesaver aid bag.
Given written items pertaining to the role of the combat lifesaver and to the combat lifesaver aid bag.
The Army doctrine was developed to be used on a battlefield in which combat elements are widely dispersed. Since the combat elements will be spread out and constantly on the move, it will be difficult for medical personnel such as the combat medic to quickly reach battlefield casualties.
Part of the doctrine calls for regular, nonmedical soldiers to be given training in providing additional emergency care to wounded soldiers. This care will help a wounded soldier to survive those first few crucial minutes after he is wounded and help stabilize the soldier until he can be treated by trained medical personnel.
Remember, as a combat lifesaver, your primary function is to accomplish your combat mission.
Normally, each squad, team, crew, or equivalent-sized unit will have at least one member trained to function as a combat lifesaver.
Administer first aid to blister, choking, and blood agent casualties and provide additional treatment to nerve agent casualties. Administer over-the-counter pain killers (such as Tylenol?) and antihistamine tablets (such as Sudafed?). Remember, the combat lifesaver performs emergency care as a secondary mission only when his primary combat mission allows. This presentation is ideal for induction and awareness Health & Safety training (Level 1). This will create a problem for the Army Medical Department as well as the rest of the Army. The name given to this nonmedical provider of far-forward emergency care is the combat lifesaver.
While the combat lifesaver does not bandage sprains, this bandage can be useful as a reinforcement bandage and as padding for a splint.

Used to cut the casualty's clothing to expose wounds, cut muslin bandages into triangular bandages, and cut tape. You may also be asked to assist the combat medic in providing care and preparing casualties for evacuation when you have no combat duties to perform. Each bag contains slightly more than a pint of sterile fluid to be administered intravenously to avoid hypovolemic shock. Initiating an intravenous infusion will help to control shock caused by blood loss, severe burns, or severe heat injury.
If there is no If the person is not breathing normally, give 30 chest compressions Open airway: tilt the head back and give two breaths by pinching response, shout for help “Help! Open the Airway - are by placing your hands at the centre of the chest and pushing down the nose and covering the patient’s mouth with your mouth. 1) • If an infant is unable to breathe, cough or cry, and you suspect they have • If the object is not dislodged give up to five abdominal a severe obstruction in their throat: Give up to five back blows between thrusts. Place a clenched fist above the navel and pull the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand.
2) • If the obstruction is still present give up to five chest thrusts, with two • Continue this cycle of five back blows and five abdominal fingers in the middle of the chest.
Fig 1 Fig 2HEART BURNS & A heart attack is one of the most common life-threatening heart conditions.
If you suspect someone is having a heart attack this is what you should do: • Raise the limb to reduce swelling. Instead, press firmly on either side of the object and • After ten minutes, release the pressure. If the bleeding has not stopped reapply the pressure for up to two further periods of ten minutes.

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