Meditrain South Central is passionate about seeing people equipped to save lives and reduce suffering and we reckon you and your staff can learn this without having to "suck eggs".
Because saving lives is a skill we believe everyone should have, we've worked hard to de-mystify First Aid. History:Meditrain Ltd began as a First Aid Training provider at the de-regulation of the industry in 1991. We utilise material produced by Meditrain's own publishing company, SkillsforLife Ltd, which creates and publishes all our training material specifically relevant to New Zealand conditions. We will come to your workplace to conduct a course, at your convenience, for as few as 10 Students. Our 2016 First Aid Courses in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire are off to a great start with local businesses contacting us to carry out on site first aid training.
We had the pleasure of training our Paediatric First Aid Course Level 3 For Child Carers to the staff at Marsden Pre-school Play Group over two days. If you are based in Huddersfield or the surrounding areas please contact us to discuss how we can help you’re business with First Aid Training. I have had a special interest in first aid for many years through my work as a fire fighter, becoming a casualty care instructor within the service for the past 12 years. In 2012 I set up Simply first Aid Training Ltd as part of this interest in first aid, to share some of the skills knowlwedge and expereince I have aquired overe the years. At Train Together our aim is to provide the highest quality training at the most affordable price.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with us and one of our friendly team will be happy to help!
Our Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification is designed to give you the best start for your career in the health and fitness industry.

Our comprehensive Level 3 Paediatric First Aid course is designed for staff working with infants and children (including teachers, child minders and playgroup personnel); meeting all guidelines outlined by the Early Years Foundation Stage and Ofsted. If you have passed a Level 2 Certification in Fitness Instructing (Gym based), or an equivalent, our Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification is the natural next step in your health and fitness career. The First Aid at Work course was really good and staff all enjoyed the way it was delivered, the cost of the course for up to 12 people was very good value and much cheaper than doing it through Red Cross or the local colleges.
The First Aid training was great – really practical and the lady who ran it was fun and light-hearted.
For First Aid Instruction that meets Indiana workplace regulations, Abstract Theory Group offers you convenient classes taught by certified instructors in our Lafayette offices or at your location. Accidental injuries and emergency medical situations happen quite frequently and first aid training in Indiana can help save someone’s life or at least save them a tremendous amount of pain and suffering.
These issues as well as steps to provide first aid care are part of the First Aid instruction in Lafayette, Indiana provided by Abstract Theory Group.
Once the situation has been assessed, First Aid in Indiana can be provided to address the most serious aspects of the problem.
Obtaining a first Aid certification in Indiana is a great way to ensure the health and safety of a group under your care. The student learns practical techniques and procedures to get the job done without drawn out explanations of systems and processes. If you have less than 10 please contact us anyway as we often have students awaiting courses in many areas.We are happy to advise and supply First Aid kits and or AED's to your requirements also. I am a whole time and On -Call Fire Fighter of 20 years experience working for the local Fire Service . Please Like, Follow or add all our social account to keep in the know about Simply First Aid Training.

Based in Lancaster, we are a First Aid Training facility with years of invaluable experience. At Train Together we promise to offer you the best training at the best price in Lancaster. This course qualifies you to work in a gym environment, supervising groups of clients and introducing them to new equipment and exercises. I took part to brush up on my knowledge and now feel prepared and confident to handle an emergency effectively. Recognizing the signs of a potentially life threatening situation is the first step in First Aid training in Indiana. It is usually better to wait for professional help but certain problems such as uncontrolled bleeding, no pulse or breathing or a heart attack require immediate attention. Traveling sports teams, Scouts or other groups on outings and camping trips and any situation where people are gathered can require emergency first aid and training by certified instructors is the best way to provide the right type of help in a timely manner.
The First Aid class can be combined with either CPR or Pediatric CPR in a 6 hour class that is $80.00. With over 20 years of practical experience, our NUCO First Aid instructor, Sarah, delivers friendly, refreshing and informative courses.
However, for group bookings we are happy to provide any of our courses at the venue of your choice. We offer weekday training, weekend training and the opportunity to split up your course into more manageable chunks.
Having done this course elsewhere, I can honestly say that it was the best First Aid course I have been on!

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