Currently a registered paramedic with the East Midlands Ambulance Service and registered with the HPC, Stuart has 13 years experience of dealing with all pre-hospital emergencies working on fast response vehicles and air ambulances. Chris is a retired paramedic with over 25 years operational and management experience serving in the Northamptonshire Ambulance Service, the Two Shires Ambulance NHS Trust and the East Midlands Ambulance Service most latterly as the Paramedic Team Leader.
Teresa is a qualified lifeguard and has been teaching first aid for over 14 years, She is responsible for the training and recruitment of lifeguards in a busy swimming pool. Currently a registered paramedic, Liz has over 12 years experience in nursing and for the East Midlands Ambulance Service dealing with all pre-hospital emergencies. Clare is a qualified social care practitioner with over 17 years experience in the care sector.

We also do First Aid Training ranging from family essentials to full qualification courses. Citrus runs a public course program every week in all regions of the UK and our in-company programs start from as little as £30 per person. This year Citrus will train or assess in excess of 25,000 delegates in over 200 course subjects across 182 technical training facilities throughout the UK. Felice is a state registered paramedic with over 25 years of operational experience in the NHS Ambulance service. Teresa has also been a First Responder for East Midlands Ambulance service attending 999 calls in a rural part of the community.

He started his teaching career as a part-time tutor at both Tresham College and the Workers Education Association working for Adult Education, Healthcare and Science departments.

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