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When a little Party-Color Cocker Spaniel suffered bite wounds from the neighbor’s dog, her parents did not know how to respond. Get dogs apart without humans getting injured: this is probably the most likely time in your life to get bitten! If the wounds might be deep, or you are not sure, seek veterinary care for wound cleaning and antibiotics, preferably within 8 hours.
Use an Ice Pack for 10-15 minutes to decrease inflammatory tissue damage and help control pain without dangerous OTC medications. Get written proof of a current rabies vaccine from the biter so your bitee does not have to undergo rabies quarantine. If the biter does not have a valid rabies certificate, a quarantine may be necessary for your family’s safety. Angel’s wound required minor surgery and cleaning, including the placement of a Penrose Drain.
Take the drain to your vet for removal when the veterinarian prescribes (usually 3-5 days), so infection does not get up into the drain. Ask your vet: Some veterinarians like to always leave a bandage over these drains to catch infection and protect the wound.
To ‘read’ a dog, you must look at all the separate physical cues together to size up what the entire body language is saying. Dog ears come in all shapes and sizes, allowing some dogs to better communicate with them than others. These guidelines are a general overview of dog body language, and the signals and their meanings can vary between breeds. To eliminate the tragedy of pet overpopulation, The Animal Foundation believes community is essential, education is empowerment and action is everything. Rattlesnakes live in so many areas, and can be a life-threatening danger to dogs of all sizes.
In Angel’s case, the bandage was too tight, lumpy, uneven and basically tourniquetted the leg. Most municipalities allow home quarantine which is not arduous or expensive for the other dog’s person.
She felt a little sick from her prescription painkillers and stopped eating for a day about two days after the attack. They may not be able to use words, but our canine companions can express a wide range of emotions and actions by communicating with their bodies.
A content dog will look at you with a relaxed expression or ‘soft eyes,’ while direct staring indicates a dog might feel threatened or want to assert dominance. Tight muscles, especially around the head and shoulders, often indicate a dog who is scared or aggressive.

Its important to know how to prevent a fatal attack to your Ridgeback, an already curious breed to begin with.
But with just a few preventive steps, you can reduce the chances your dog will get bitten and die from a rattlesnake bite!
It's OKPuppy biting and puppy nipping, known as bite inhibition, as well as general mouthing of your hands and clothes by your pup is common. For example, studies have shown that even a light bandage on a dog’s open leg fracture can prevent post-op infections compared to no first aid bandage. Research completed in the past few years has proven that dogs always get microulcers in their intestinal tract lining from aspirin.
It was thoughtful of the Bulldog owner to pay the bills, but pet insurance would have paid, too. While we can’t sit down and chat with our dogs just yet, we can learn how to recognize and interpret dog body language to better understand what any dog may be telling us. If a dog averts their gaze, they want to show submission, as they may be worried about interacting with you. A cautious or nervous dog will also wag their tail, but it will be straight out and wagged slower and more steadily. The Campus location houses adoptable pets, all lost and found animals, our Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic, Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic, and all administrative services. Rattlesnakes are very common the parks and trails that many dog-lovers use for hikes and walks with their dogs. Since each vial of anti-venom costs between $500 to $1000 depending on where you live, you are not only potentially saving your dog’s life, but a lot of money! If you hear a rattle or see a snake on the ground ahead of you, if your dog is on a 6 foot leash, you can avoid it. On your walks with your dog, stay on the trail, and choose wide trails or roads over narrow brush-bordered trails if possible.
If you don’t recognize the symptoms of a rattlesnake bite in your dog, you might delay rushing them to the vet immediately and that delay could be fatal. Then carefully leave the area if there is one snake, there are likely to be more in that same area.
If you can’t carry your dog without them (or you!) struggling, walk them to your car. You lavish them with praise after they get shocked and yelp in pain and encourage them to come running back to you.
If a dog has their ears pulled flat against their head, the dog is likely fearful, worried, or submissive. Large, dilated pupils, or when a dog looks at you from the corner of their eyes, usually prelude aggressive or fear-based behavior. A curled lip and exposed teeth may be signs of aggression, but some breeds (like Chesapeake Bay Retrievers) do this as a smile.

Calm dogs will display a smooth coat along their back, while scared or challenged dogs will raise the hairs (called hackles) along their neck and back to appear larger in size.
When alert, a dog holds their tail tall and erect, while a fearful dog will tuck the tail between the legs. Your goal is to observe the entire dog, and the situation and context the animal is in, and do your best to accurately determine what the dog is trying to say. More and more homes are being built in areas that were previously rural, making encounters with wildlife even more common. The vaccine is made from snake venom and works in a way so that if your dog is bitten, the reaction to the bite is REDUCED and may be delayed it is not completely eliminated, so a vaccinated dog bitten by a rattlesnake will still need vet care as soon as possible. Vets say the vast majority of rattlesnake bites occur when a dog is off-leash or on a flexi-lead. That way you are more likely to see a snake sunning itself across your path, and be able to stop and avoid it in time. On wood fences or solid iron fences, use hardware cloth all along the base of your fence, including across any gated areas.
Limiting the dog’s activity will limit the venom moving around in their body, which is better.
Try 10-15 minutes of cold therapy with ice to numb the area and prevent further injurious swelling. But you should join community efforts to keep a menace out of your neighborhood if that is the case.
Tongue flicking or licking often indicates uncertainty or uneasiness, and yawning helps lower a dog’s blood pressure and calms them.
A content dog keeps their tail relaxed in a position natural to them, because like dog ears, no two dog tails are alike. With time and education, you’ll soon speak another language — with man’s best friend! If you and your dog live in an apartment in a totally urban (cement city) area and never goes on walks in a park, then you don’t need these tips.
Also, keep your yard grass cut short and eliminate brush, piles of rocks where snakes like to sun themselves as well as hide.
Hardware cloth runs about $100 per 100 feet expensive, but if you live in a rattlesnake-dense area and want your dog to be safe in your yard, the cost may be worth it. The faster your dog can get the anti-venom and other emergency treatment from the vet, the greater their chance of survival. Read on for our tips to prevent a fatal rattlesnake bite, and what to do if your dog is bitten!

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