Since all dogs carry demodectic mites, we believe dogs who have problems are sufferinng from a compromised immune system. Supplements: Your dog should be supplemented with human grade zinc, ester C, and multiple B vitamins (just like you would buy for yourself) once a day. Skin Infection: If your dog has a skin infection secondary to demodex (called pyoderma), you will need to put it on a course of antibiotics. Be aware that while most dogs will overcome demodex, some pets will need you to be alert to all these things over their entire lifetime.
If you’ve discovered a great way of dealing with demodex, we’d love to hear from you!
Many high price foods contain so many ingredients, you can be sure your German Shepherd will find something to be allergic to or which he can’t digest, which will result in problems nobody wants to deal with. Is your dog a large breed dog, 18 months or younger, with sudden onset very painful limping? The best way we’ve found to treat coccidia in incoming animals is by using ponazuril off-label (Marquis paste for horses). Many of our dogs live in foster homes with volunteers, who are able to observe them and interact with them on a daily basis. It’s important for us to teach our children safe and respectful ways to interact with all dogs, especially unfamiliar dogs.
In regards to SCGSR available dogs, we do our best to get to know the dogs, and to test their interactions with children. At adoption events, please keep your children with you, and ask the dog’s handler before approaching or petting a dog. While there are some German Shepherds who are great with cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small and furry creatures, the reality of our breed is that they often are NOT good with these types of pets! Yes, all of our adoptable dogs are current on rabies and DHLPP, except for our young puppies, who may require booster shots after going to their new homes.
If the dog was turned in to rescue by an owner, sometimes we have their medical records, which we will pass along to their adoptive family. If a dog with a previous diagnosis of hip dysplasia is turned in to the rescue, we will pass that information along to its adopter.
If you adopt one of our dogs, you are welcome to have it x-rayed by your vet, at your expense.
Depending on its severity, treatments options range from hip surgery ($1000-$3000 per hip) to non-surgical options like joint supplements of glucosamine and chondroitin.
If you feel your dog’s behavior is a danger to himself or others, take immediate steps to make everyone safe in the short-term, while you work on a long-term solution. Start working to change the unwanted behavior right away, but remember that changing a behavior or habit takes time.
Before you adopt a dog, please consider how much time, energy and resources you’re willing to invest in helping make your dog a good citizen.
Find a must-read wikipedia article for any current or future owner of a German Shepherd Dog here. Donate Now!Make a one-time donation, donate as a tribute, or make on ongoing sponsorship here. We do everything possible to build up their immune system, and let the dog’s body do the work of fighting off the mites. Dogs are pack animals and should be allowed to sleep in the house with their owners, otherwise you will have a stressed and anxious dog.
Depending on the dog’s condition you can begin with an antibiotic recommended by your vet. Most dogs will develop and immune system, with your help, that will beat the mites completely.
And because skin conditions are of particular interest to us, please feel free to email us with any questions or comments about your experience with demodex.
He had a deep, smelly skin infection from neglected demodex, so deep that he was bleeding through the t-shirt his owner brought him to us wearing. The thyroid gland, due to inflammation or atrophy of un-known origins, becomes incapable of producing an adequate amount of thyroid hormone, and dogs develop clinical signs of hypothyroidism.
Spending a lot of money for food doesn’t necessarily mean your German Shepherd will thrive on it.
If your dog is eating food with multiple proteins or starches, you will have a much more difficult time figuring out what’s bothering him. It’s normal to be attracted to a dog based on his or her appearance-but we encourage you to carefully read their bios, to find a dog whose temperament and energy level match your lifestyle.

Be sure to indicate which dogs you’re especially interested in, and what qualities are most important to you in your future family member.
What the volunteers learn about the dogs-house habits, responses to children, small animals, other dogs, obedience commands, energy level, favorite toys, etc-we include in the dog’s description on our website. It’s up to us to make sure that interactions between dogs and children are safe and positive. Children should never approach a dog that they aren’t familiar with, and they should always ask permission before reaching out to pet a dog. Dogs require annual vaccination boosters, so after adopting any dog, please talk to your veterinarian about getting them on a vaccination schedule. Barring a medical history, x-rays are the only reliable way to diagnose dysplasia, and SCGSR can’t afford to x-ray every dog.
If you face this condition with a future dog, your vet can help determine what treatments are right for your dog. Consistency and patience, and reasonable expectations for progress, will help both you AND your dog.
These dogs have already had someone give up on them at least once, often for no fault of their own, and they deserve a home that is willing to work hard to give them a good life. Any type of training or structured activity, like obedience or agility, helps you bond with your dog, develop a relationship of trust and respect, and makes your dog a better companion. You should be sure to play with your dog and take it for walks for, at the very least, a half an hour to an hour a day. This is injectible Ivomec (ivermectin) 1%cc, which we draw into a syringe, take the needle off of the syringe and put the evermec down the back of the dog’s throat (it tastes terrible!).
Some dogs will need continuing care and strict attention from their owners to keep the condition in check. He had a ripped ear from being kenneled outside with two wolf hybrids, and a severe tapeworm infestation.
The signs are quite variable, because thyroid hormones are needed for normal metabolism, and deficiency can affect nearly all body systems, including the skin, the reproductive tract, the neuromuscular system and the cardiovascular system.
Hair loss often occurs in a characteristically symmetrical pattern on both sides of the body, sparing the head and legs; some dogs develop a “puppy coat,” as the guard hairs fall out preferentially, leaving the soft undercoat behind. Dog food has swung over the past 10 years from quality food being hard to find to an amazing array of premium foods, many formulated and advertised to appeal to your human tastes and ideas of nutrition. Foster homes also help socialize the dogs, teach them basic commands, and consider what kind of homes will be the best fit for their dogs. Dogs can be possessive over food and treats, so a child should never try to pet an unfamiliar dog when it’s eating or chewing a bone.
The dog’s history, past experiences with children, and personality all help determine how good a dog is with children. One of SCGSR’s main expenses is altering adult dogs we save from shelters-and there wouldn’t be so many unwanted dogs in need of rescue if people would be more responsible about spaying and neutering! SCGSR treats any medical condition that our dogs arrive with-often to the cost of thousands of dollars, in the instances of puppy parvo, adult pneumonia, or skin problems. We highly recommend insuring your dog, so that you can provide the medical care necessary to improve its health and quality of life. Buy a crate, and crate your dog when you’re gone-for a reasonable amount of time, of course!
And remember, no dog is going to be perfect all the time: we can teach them all we want, but we have to love them even when they make mistakes. As the condition of the dog improves, you can gradually bathe less and less, until the condition clears completely. Many dogs, especially young strong breeds, are built to hunt or herd for hours a day to earn their food and they only rest when they’ve done their job or achieved their goal. The culture will tell you which antibiotics will work best for your dog, and they should begin recovering right away. Two weeks later he has beat his skin infection, been wormed, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and had the rip in his ear repaired thanks to SCGSR supporters.
Metabolic signs include lethargy, sensitivity to cold, mental dullness, unwillingness to exercise and a tendency to gain weight despite eating less food than normal. Sometimes the hair loss only involves the tail, giving affected dogs a “rat tail.” Although skin and hair problems are more unsightly than health-threatening, signs that relate to vital organ systems, if undiagnosed and untreated, have the potential for serious illness. You can save money on food but then spend it at the vet dealing with hot spots, fur loss, gastrointestinal issues and scratching, or you can educate yourself and spend a little more on food and avoid all these issues, for the most part.
Some of our dogs will make ideal condo-dogs, while others need more focused work and activities.

And we all know that it’s never ok to hit or kick a dog, or pull on its ears or tail-so we have to be sure our kids know that too! For adult dogs that come to us without a family history, or for dogs with a strong prey drive, we assume they will not live calmly with a cat, and note that in their bios. There are many low-cost options, such as the Neuter Scooter, and too many dogs die in shelters daily for there to be any excuse. Vet expenses are SCGSR’s number one expense, and each dog often costs much more to save than the adoption donation. Although in the past, hip dysplasia was incredibly common in German Shepherds, responsible breeding has lessened its occurrence-although all large breed dogs can face this condition.
Mitaban can be used with discretion for sarcoptic mange, but Revolution is the best treatment for sarcoptic mange and less toxic to your pet. This is less than vets recommends, but it works because its part of immunity building plan. As the stress of the infection clears, her body is also getting better control of the mites. Titan was treated with weekly hour-long 3 suds-up soaking baths, wormed with Drontil Plus, cephalexin anitibiotics, 1000 mgs two times a day, and was fed raw chicken only for the first week, along with fish oil caps as a supplement. Because some of these signs progress fairly slowly, dog owners may unconsciously adapt to the changes in their pets and fail to recognize them as problems.
Even if the dog you adopt has lived with cats in the past, there are some good guidelines to follow as you introduce the new family member. If you are not showing your dogs in breed competitions, working to improve the breed, then your dog should be sterilized.
Never leave them unattended-confine your cat to a specific area of the house that your dog can’t access.
Often, minor behavior problems disappear when a German Shepherd begins an obedience course; the mental stimulation and positive time with the owner works wonders on dogs as smart as these. If a dog runs up to you, pretend you’re a tree-hold still and look at the ground, instead of making noises or running. Depending on the age of your children, SCGSR volunteers will help match you with a dog that can live happily with your family. Make sure that your cat has a safe place to go-either up high, or into a room that the dog can’t enter. We have the best luck with Innova Evo, which is a dry dog food with no grain, just animal protien, plant and fruit, very close to a dog’s natural diet.
And as a bonus, most likely this happy dog will be living with a happier and healthier human family. Never leave your cat unattended with your newly adopted dog until they’ve been supervised together for several weeks. Many people with demodex dogs choose to feed a raw diet which takes a bit of learning but is very helpful to these dogs. Patience and determination can help you teach some dogs to ignore or accept cats, and there are many resources available to help you. A last word before we get off this soapbox: sterilizing your dogs increases their long-term health and longevity, makes male dogs less territorial and aggressive, prevents females from attracting unwanted attention at dog parks, and leads to a calmer, more balanced pet. If you are adopting a second or third dog, we will arrange a meeting on neutral ground for the dog you’re interested in, and your current dogs. Please do NOT bring your current dogs to adoption events-it’s difficult to have a calm, successful meeting around so many strange dogs. It will take time for your new dog to acclimate to his new pack, and it’s perfectly normal for dogs to have a few loud, brief squabbles, as they adjust their social dynamics. Once you’ve submitted your application, an adoption counselor will be in touch, and will help arrange meetings with potential dogs.
Patience and supervised, structured activities, such as long walks as a pack, will help your new family member settle in. Don’t wait until your dog starts to experience health problems before you start thinking about its diet. It’s a great way to meet lots of our adoptable dogs, and see whose temperament is a good fit for you.

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