If you are bugging out in the middle of summer, you need a way to keep your pet from getting overheated.
This cute little dog bowl is perfect to throw in your bug out bag because it is lightweight and compact. If your pet gets injured and you don’t have access to a vet, you will need a good first aid kit on hand. If you don’t want to buy a bunch of individual survival supplies for your pet, I recommend this kit.
With summer always comes camping trips, and with camping trips comes opportunities for awesome outdoor projects and tricks to impress your friends. Can Camp StoveAn efficient, mini stove made from aluminum cans is a handy piece of survival gear.
Soft Cast Using Duct TapeFor emergency first aid, you can wrap a sprained or broken arm in toilet paper and duct tape until you can seek professional medical attention.
A-frame Survival ShelterFor the true survivalist, learn how to make a classic A-frame shelter.
Hand Washing StationThis clever setup gives you the perfect hand washing station for your camping trip. Campfire Banana BoatsWhat’s not to love about bananas filled with marshmallows and chocolate chips and then cooked over a campfire?

Solar Charged Stereo CoolerUse the sun to power your music with the solar powered stereo set up in a cooler for convenient transport. Shoe Organizer into Campsite Kitchen Organizer To keep track of all your cooking supplies (and keep them off the ground), use a shoe organizer.
Pocket Sized FireAn Altoids case, cardboard, and wax can create an easy-to-start pocket sized fire for your survival needs. Deluxe Outdoor First Aid Kit PR513 - First Aid Central Promo You cannot place a new order from your country. Not only will you need plenty of food and water to keep your animals happy and healthy, but you might need some other supplies as well.
This Swamp Cooler vest will get the job done and it’s comfortable so your dog won’t even mind wearing it. It has everything you could possibly need prepackaged and ready to take along when you bug out.
When camping, you don’t need to go without AC or electronics if you know how to generate solar or wind power.
Your kids will be occupied with tons of fun craft projects they can do right at the campsite if you come prepared. The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!!

Our family has a beautiful golden retriever that is basically like our third child and as we considered how we would care for her while bugging out, it became obvious that we needed a few additional supplies. There are 50 items in the kit, but there is a little extra room so you can throw in any extras you need like prescriptions, vitamins, or just some dog treats.
The kit contains food rations, blankets, light sticks, dog bowls, a leash, collar, extra rope, bags for waste collection, and even first aid supplies and dog treats.
Then fasten it onto your dog and the three layers will hold the cool water enough to keep your pet from overheating without feeling weighed down. The AKC kit includes a nice thermal emergency blanket, reflective leash, pill container, alcohol cleansing pads, tweezers, magnifying glass, and a fur-friendly vet wrap, plus a lot more. It is basically a canine bug out bag and has plenty of room to include some dog treats, a collapsible bowl, water bottle, and a map.
Plus I love that it allows us to remove ticks from our golden retriever’s long fur coat without ever having direct contact with the tick itself.

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