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In this video, the experts from Sigma 3 Survival School show how to eat grasshoppers or crickets in the wild by roasting them over a fire. Unless you are in a very serious survival situation where you must eat right away, always cook your food. Use your survival knife to make a lengthwise split in the middle approximately 3 inches down from the top. I know that eating bugs for survival doesn’t sound very exciting.  But, as Sigma 3 says, you need to gradually work your way up to large game.
Start with things that are slow, like wild edibles, rats, and bugs.  Soon you’ll be going for larger game like rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and work your way up to deer. Have you ever eaten grasshoppers or other bugs?  Do you think you would in a survival situation?  Let us know in the comments or join us on FB!

5 Ways to Purify Water in Survival SituationsWater is the most essential thing to survival in disaster situations.
Ultimate Guide to Eating Bugs for SurvivalA major disaster occurs and you’ve got to flee with your family to the wilderness. Durable and washable Child Cuff for Omron 907 Digital BP Monitor, with arm circumferences 17-22cm. It's a form of injury to body tissues which is caused by heat, corrosive substances or friction. Seek medical attention immediately.Step 7 Seek medical careIf it's third degree, seek care immediately. All animals (and insects are animals!) carry the risk of parasites such as tapeworm.   Just like how you filter water in the wild, you also cook animals before eating them. Based on that, here is how the nutrition of grasshoppers and crickets compare to 85% lean beef.

For even more laughs, click here to read our story on 18 Things That Happen When You Become a Mom. Also, removing clothes covering the burn is essential for the next step.Step 3 Cool the burn siteCool tap water is sufficient to prevent further damage to the tissue.
If it's first or second and you're worried about it, never hesitate to go to your own physician to make sure everything is okay. The injury is limited only to the outer layer of skin (epidermis), but not all the way through.

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