This nationally accredited course provides knowledge on the recognition and management of anaphylaxis, risk assessment, risk minimisation and Anaphylaxis First Aid procedures.
There are no formal entry requirements although it is expected that students will have basic literacy and numeracy skills, moderate computer and Internet and e-mail skills.
About UsDjerriwarrh Community and Education Services, established in 1989, is a community based organisation that works closely with individuals, families and their communities providing education, training , employment and youth support services.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Should you find that you need to return your order to us, we have in place a 90 day return policy. We carry out a refund on your order within four weeks of receiving your package back to us. In the event that you need to return an item due to defect or damage, we will pay for the shipping of that item(s). All questions relating to returns and refunds should be directed to our Customer Service Hotline. Workplaces and even homes are bound to have some dangers to people who live or work in them. This form is beneficial not only to health and safety regulatory agencies but for companies and home owners who prioritize safety. You can Download the Hazard Assessment Form, customize it according to your needs and Print.

Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. The Anaphylaxis Awareness course is for anyone that has a “Duty of Care” for a person at risk of anaphylaxis. In most cases you will receive a refund much sooner, but we estimate four weeks because of the time required for return shipping (up to 14 days), and for your bank or credit card company to complete the refund. Protect your employees from the danger of Heat Stress Employees who are aware of the potential dangers of over exposure to heat and humidity are less likely to become a victim of Heat Stress or any associated illness.
These products are customized to your business, and therefore cannot be returned or refunded. If an item is returned due to reasons such as 'I changed my mind' or 'I no longer need the item' or 'someone in our office ordered the wrong item' return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. In order to determine the danger or the safety of such places, a hazard assessment form is filled and graded.
The course meets the requirements of Ministerial Order 90 and the Victorian Children’s Services Regulations regarding the Anaphylaxis Awareness Training required by school and children’s services staff.
We will notify you via email with the details of your refund, and issue your refund in the form of payment used to make your purchase. Provide your employees an easy to access and easy to understand Heat Stress Poster and get them the information they need to remain injury free. In the event your return request is made beyond 30 days of the purchase date, we will issue a refund via check.

If you have employees who are at risk from Heat Stress, the Heat Stress Poster can be a vital educational tool. Operations involving high air temperatures, radiant heat sources, high humidity, direct physical contact with hot objects, or strenuous physical activities have a high potential for inducing heat stress in employees engaged in such operations.
We recommend the following industries provide Heat Stress information to their employees: Outdoor Agricultural environments in warm climates Glass House Agricultural environments Iron and steel foundries Nonferrous foundries Brick-firing and ceramic plants Glass products facilities Rubber products factories Electrical utilities (particularly boiler rooms) Bakeries Confectioneries Commercial kitchens Laundries Food canneries Chemical plants Mining sites Smelters Steam tunnels What does OSHA say about Heat Stress? Although OSHA does not have a specific regulation covering heat stress hazards, the "General Duty Clause," Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (the Act), requires each employer to, "furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm." OSHA has previously used the General Duty Clause to cite employers that have allowed employees to be exposed to potential serious physical harm from excessively hot work environments. Heat Stress Poster Includes Heat stress Best Practices 'The Heat Equation' Types of Heat stress Heat StrokeThe Heat Stress Poster acts as a Heat Stroke Poster, teaching the symptoms of the most serious of all Heat related illnesses - Heat Stroke.
Heat ExhaustionReview the symptoms of Heat Exhaustion, brought on by an excessive loss of water and salt from the body. Be prepared to assist a victim of Heat Exhaustion with our quick step-by-step instructions. Heat RashLearn the symptoms of Heat Rash and how to treat it with these easy to learn tips and pointers.

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