The course is professionally designed, interactive and packed with information that will give you peace of mind and confidence. It is important to note, that CTS is in no way associated with the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, and as such we do not claim to have any knowledge of the Ontario Security Guard Exam questions and actual content.
Bachelors Degree in Nursing + minimum 3 years of relevant experience post qualification. Is the physical world that we see, touch, and feel in fact real or just an illusion in our minds translated in to 3D energy? A physicist at the University of London, David Bohm, developed the theory that a human brain works similar to a hologram. Living in a holographic universe does not necessarily impact you; it just shows another way people work.

We will answer all your questions and do everything we can to prepare you for your Ontario Security Guard Testing. Our training is based on the Curriculum set out by the MCSCS and is developed and delivered by professional trainers from the Security and Private Investigator Industry. The reality though may not be as people see it and the interactions between two things might be different, though this idea raises many questions and opinions. Since 2009 we have offered certified training for those who do not possess an Ontario Security Guard Licence and would like to become a Security Professional in Ontario. It is our mission to exceed your expectations and we look forward to being a part of your success story.
In that experiment, Aspect and the team discovered that regardless of the distance separating two subatomic particles there can still be instantaneous communication between the two.

Far more tests, experiments, and conclusions are yet to be drawn until an answer is reach as to whether or not we do live in a holographic universe. Is what we actually see, feel, and touch the real thing or does our brain just interpret it the way it wants to and we live in an illusion of a physical world.

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