Incidents and emergencies can occur at any time, they can arise from a number of causes, and can have a significant impact on the University's operations.
These guidelines have been written for reference by the management of the University of Sydney's faculties, schools and departments, and professional services units. Response to incidents, which can be managed relatively quickly using local resources, possibly with the assistance of the Emergency Services.
Management of emergencies that usually involve intervention by the Emergency Services and require a greater level of coordination to address the wider implications.
Management of a crisis where there is a significant threat to the operations of the University.

The procedures relating to each level of emergency response are documented in three different plans.Incident Response Plan (IRP)The IRP details the procedures for coordination between Security Services, Building Emergency Control Organisations (ECO) and the attending emergency services, and protocols for escalation to Emergency response. The EMC meets monthly and provides reports to the Senior Executive Group, the Safety and Risk Management Committee of Senate and the Central OHS Committee.Building Emergency ProceduresLocal Heads of Department are responsible for ensuring that building emergency procedures are implemented in accordance with the performance standards outlined in the Guidelines for Building Emergency Procedures.
The IRP will be tested regularly in accordance with the requirements of the Building Emergency Procedures. Instant Download of Documents and Procedures for the Australian Building and Construction Industry to assist Developers, Builders, Tradespeople and Owner Builders.
This Manual Handling Technique document provides techniques on how to manually lift in a safe manner.

This electronic document is provided in Word 97-2003 so adjustments can be made to suit the workplace. The EMP will be tested at least twice per annum via desktop scenarios and at least once a year via a real-time simulated exercise.
The aim of this module is to familiarise participants with the Australian Resuscitation Council requirements for preparing Adult Basic Life Support.

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