Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a combination of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions that delivers oxygen and artificial circulation to a person whose heart has stopped.
User friendly text and clear instructions show employees how to prevent accidents and injury and whilst maintaining a healthy working environment. User friendly text and clear illustrations mean that all our posters are very easy to follow. The First Aid Manual is the UK's only fully authorised first aid guide, endorsed by St John Ambulance, St Andrew's First Aid and the British Red Cross and packed with step-by-step first aid advice. Schreiben Sie eine Kundenbewertung zu diesem Produkt und gewinnen Sie mit etwas Gluck einen 15,- EUR! This manual is the only fully comprehensive and illustrated guide to first aid on the market. In order to stay on the safer side, one needs to have fire extinguishers in every building. No matter how much confidence you have in your abilities, you should first inform the emergency service about the situation in your building. Although you will not have much time to think, it is essential to make an assessment of whether you are capable of handling the situation. After you have used the fire extinguisher, you need to watch closely whether all of the flames have been extinguished. Once your purpose has been served, buy a new fire extinguisher immediately, so that you can use it in an emergency situation sometime in the future. If the victim is able, have them apply direct pressure over the wound with their hand or a clean dressing. Punctures: If a person suffers a wound from a puncture such as a knife or sharp object treat is as other bleeding.

Amputations: If a part of the body is amputated you should attempt to save the object as it may be possible to surgically repair or reattach the amputated body part. Filed under Amputations, Bandaging, Bleeding, Bleeding Control, Direct Pressure, First Aid, Punctures, Wrapping. Using these posters tin the workplace will also help to reinforce your visible commitment to safety and will be of great value in assisting trained first aiders to retain their skills. Used as the official training manual for the UK's leading first aid organisations' courses, the bestselling First Aid Manual covers all aspects of first aid, from emergency first aid and first aid for babies and children, to the latest guidelines on resuscitation, helping a drowning casualty, and snake bites.Find out how to treat over 100 different conditions from splinters and sprained ankles to strokes and unresponsiveness and how to use essential equipment including a defibrillator.
Featuring live-action, step-by-step photographs (shot on location for added realism) throughout, which really show the reader exactly what to do in any situation.
The availability of this tool is only one step towards safety, as one needs people who are aware of how to use it to their advantage. There are different types of fire extinguishers, so it is ideal to study them properly before learning how to operate them. The fire might not look much threatening at the start, but it spreads around pretty quickly, so you would want the professionals to come to your aid. In order to find that out, you will also be required to assess the fire before deciding to take any action. The first thing you need to do is remove the safety pin, then aim at the base of the fire, squeeze the handle to gently release the chemical and then finally sweep the extinguisher side to side until you get the desired result.
Bleeding should be treated as a life threatening condition if you are unable to control the bleeding through first aid procedures, there is a large amount of blood loss, or blood is squirting from the wound. The First Aid Poster gives employees a quick at-a-glance instruction on CPR, Ideal for display in the workplace and as a training tool.
Step-by-step photography, all shot in-situ to reflect real-life issues, shows you what to do in any situation. The class D extinguisher is used for water reactive metals and is in powderred form whereas the class K extinguishers contain a wet chemical, helpul in putting out kitchen fire caused by cooking oils.

Matt is an Emergency Medical Technician and nationally recognized EMS Educator & CPR Instructor.
The fire might have been caused because of a short circuit, gas leakage or some other reason. He has extensive public safety experience and has trained and certified thousands of individuals in the topics of CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Medical Services working across the United States.
Never remove dressings once in place as this may remove clots and increase the amount of bleeding. User-friendly text and clear instructions show employees how to prevent accidents Spasms take workplace first aid guide poster free download think.
Call 911 if the bleeding continues for longer than 15 minutes, is bleeding heavily or is gushing, or the victim is having trouble breathing.
If bleeding is severe and does not slow with direct pressure, you may elevate the affected area above the heart (if possible) which may help slow the bleeding process. User friendly text and clear illustrations mean that the poster is very easy to understand and follow Using first aid posters in the workplace reinforces your visible You may assemble your own first aid kit for your workplace, using Regulation 1101 (250.2kb, PDF) as a guide. Layperson’s should not apply a tourniquet or apply pressure points unless specially trained and indicated. You may also purchase ready-made first aid kits Comprehensively detailed with the most up-to-date guidance on first aid procedures Wipe clean laminated for durability Wall mountable using sign.
After the bleeding is reasonably controlled apply a bandage to the wound to maintain pressure so you can remove direct pressure provided by you or the victim.

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