The Aculife patches are a polymer plastic sleeve containing Amino Acid, Sugar, Water and Oxygen.
It is important to note that as Canadian’s we are not able to purchase the Aculife packages unless we are in the US at the time of purchase.
Here is a link to a basic patch placement guide for horses and here is the Icewave for humans patch placement guide. Please use our contact form if we can answer any further questions.  Let us know who sent you so we can give the appropriate Patched To Win team member credit and make sure you have the correct distributor number for ordering. Recently I had a homeowner who accidentally shot herself because of their irresponsible handling of their firearm (Never store a loaded gun in a cereal box on the top shelf).
A great endorsement, but also instructional and shows you how to determine where and how to patch your horse.
They are proven to reduce inflammation and buy you time to get to the vet and determine the route of the problem. The mixture is then charged either with a positive (the white patch) or negative (the tan patch) frequency through Nanotechnology. So, if you are having your products delivered in Canada you will select Canada as the shipping country and select Icewave as the product.

Sometimes hauling, standing at a trailer all weekend or multiple runs will take its toll on a horse so these patches can help reduce pain and inflammation in cases where you might use drugs like bute or banamine. The mixture inside the patch holds the charge much like a AA battery does until it is ready for use.
In addition to my regular store bought first aid kit and my get home bags, I also carry a gunshot kit in the back of my truck.
Because they got to be a demand in the barrel horse and horse industry they rebranded the Icewave product and called it Aculife. But – If you are interested in buying wholesale, paying your way to jackpots or even just getting your own patches for free it is a great opportunity to get in now.
As a hunter also, there are times where my friends and I will be miles from any help should an accident occur. It is kind of like its own division with its own website but all the sales you will see go through the main Lifewave website. Even just the tax benefits of being able to write off your jackpots and rodeos where you promote your company are a huge help! This is why I strongly suggest adding a gunshot kit to your medical prep.One of my favorite YouTube Channels is Dr.

They are said to work for 12 hours, some of the reps are saying you should be good for the weekend. They work great with muscle and soft tissue issues, as well as inflammation and to increase energy.
I would suggest you see how your own horse responds and go from there to determine how long you see the effects. I took the liberty of reposting their video along with a list of items you should have in your pack.*Please note, some items are meant to be used by professionally trained medical personnel. Bones & Nurse Amy have a very knowlegable video series on survival medicine, add them to your favorites!

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