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Nursing in World War One was exhausting, often dangerous work and the women who volunteered experienced the horror of war firsthand, some paying the ultimate price. My mother, Vera Brittain, author of the moving and candid chronicle of her own wartime experience, Testament of Youth, became part of the myth.
Epitaph On My Days in Hospital: I found in you a holy place apart, Sublime endurance, God in man revealed, Where mending broken bodies slowly healed, My broken heartHer personal experience combined with her talent for writing made compelling prose.
Apart from them there were thousands of untrained women working as midwives or nurses in civilian life, but they had little or no experience of working with soldier patients and their status in society was little better than that of domestic servants.Because the British Army was so resolutely opposed to all female military nurses except the QAIMNS, early volunteers from Britain were obliged to serve instead with the French and Belgian forces. At this stage of the war women began to be invited to serve in a range of capacities, of which nursing was one.
The war produced medical issues largely unknown in civilian life and not previously experienced by doctors or nurses. In Britain much work was done to deal with infected wounds but thousands died of tetanus or gangrene before any effective antidote was discovered. Much has improved in the last 60 years, but full acceptance of the knowledge and experience of nurses as equal contributors with doctors to the wellbeing of patients is still a work in progress. Since the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa early this year, more than 4,500 people are reported to have died but some patients have survived. Ebola is spread mainly through contact with body fluids of an infected person or a corpse of one that has died of the Ebola virus disease.
A nurse infected with the virus in Spain has recovered, two aid Americans who got infected with the virus while in West Africa, survived the disease when they received an experimental drug and were brought back to the U.S. So the questions on the minds of many people are, what is different with all the people that have survived the deadly Ebola virus? Evidence from an American organization, Emory Healthcare indicates that Ebola can be beaten if using the right approach.
Specialists say if a patient is provided with intravenous fluids and nutrients early and you maintain blood pressure, the body of the victim can fight the virus. If the above is not done, it will lead to vomiting and diarrhea, which will cause dehydration. The World Health Organization has made clear that there’s far more virus in blood, vomit and feces than in other bodily fluids. He said that it’s important for doctors and nurses to focus on replacing potassium, calcium and other electrolytes in Ebola patients who are rapidly losing fluids. So apart from high-quality treatment, plasma transfusions and quick rehydration, another factor is that experimental drugs have helped some patients survive the Ebola virus.
But with a mortality rate of 50% in the current Ebola outbreak, a WHO panel said it is ethical to offer drugs to fight the virus — even if their effectiveness or adverse effects are unknown. The experimental drugs at the center of this Ebola outbreak are ZMapp, Favipiravir, Brincidofovir and TKM-Ebola.
The director of Emory’s Infectious Disease Unit cautioned against viewing ZMapp as a surefire cure.
Ebola spreads by contact with bodily fluids, such as through a break in the skin or someone with contaminated hands touching the eyes or nose.
Slate – The same Navy SEAL team responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden roughly seven months ago pulled off another successful mission Tuesday, rescuing two aid workers taken hostage in Somalia late last year. The two aid workers are Jessica Buchanan, an American, and Poul Hagen Thisted, from Denmark. The successful mission was announced early Tuesday morning in a statement from the president.
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They sure are, it blows me away when I think about the fact that people that play pro sports (not taking away their hard work and talent) make millions and millions compared to what the seals do. But that’s not Navy SEAL Team 6 you see depicted above, nor, in fact, are you looking at real Navy SEALs at all.

Having read your article about difficult languages (“Tongue twisters”, December 19th) I scoff at Tuyuca and Kwaio for having only two words for “we”, inclusive and exclusive.
Originally Posted by madan80 IIRC - the poision is created only in the fangs and the sacs - so if you run over the snake you might end up getting blood on the tyres.
Originally Posted by supremeBaleno but making out a krait or viper from a harmless snake is the tough part.
Originally Posted by Samurai Actually there are only 4 major species of venomous snakes in India. The King is not included as they don't live close to human habitats (tropical rainforests and the like is what they prefer so far) and have not caused that many fatalities that the Big Four have caused.
This may be the reason we found snakes in town areas too!not to say occasional driving over snakes in rural roads. Originally Posted by badboyscad Posting some pics of snakes(commonly seen in tamilnadu) : As I've mentioned in one of my previous posts, venomous snakes usually exhibit design patterns or nice colors running on their bodies. And going by your pics, looks like the snake I encountered closely resembles the last one in your list - the non-venomous rat snake, as my parents predicted it would be. Originally Posted by csentil All these snake bites can be treated using a polyvalent antivenom that is available. View My Garage GTO, first step is defense, but just to be safe please carry a First Aid Kit with you along with some phamplets on what to do in the event of snake bite. Originally Posted by DirtyDan I have seen Indian sadhus with King Cobras drapped around their necks, fully unfettered, drinking milk from a bowl offered to them. Originally Posted by princezahed Will try to post some pictures of krait and russles viper.But its not possible to post snaps of all types of vipers since there are over 15-20types of vipers in india alone.
View My Garage During my school days in Chennai, I have killed a number of snakes, all out of fear. I still havent grown over the fear of snakes, the mere pictures give me goosebumps sometimes. Third what is amazing is how the members on this forum jump at a topic with unbridled enthusiasm and zeal. A few years ago there were rumours of a manimal in north Haryana (Fatehabad district) (manimal :human that could morph into any animal, the locals named him Bijoo, he used to come in a car and then attack people, in a few places cars thought to belong to him were smashed by villagers) My grandmother was at home and outside the dog kept barking towards a 1ft partly walled area (for cooking outdoors), she phoned the neighbours (too scared to go out just in case the dog was barking at Bijoo), they were too scared to come as well but eventually plucked up the courage to come round armed with lathis. Another time me and a cousin were messing with a swaga (big metal leveler for tractor to level the fields) in an enclosed plot opposite our house. But their story is surrounded by myth and their full contribution often goes unrecognised, writes Shirley Williams.In his much-admired book published in 1975, The Great War and Modern Memory, the American literary critic and historian, Paul Fussell, wrote about the pervasive myths and legends of WW1, so powerful they became indistinguishable from fact in many minds.
In the course of the war she lost all the young men she had loved: her fiance Roland, her brother Edward, her dear friends Victor and Geoffrey. Thousands of young women from middle-class homes with little experience of domestic work, not much relevant education and total ignorance of male bodies, volunteered and found themselves pitched into military hospitals.
People learned fragments through long casualty lists or letters from their soldier relatives.In a letter from her father in the spring of 1918, my mother, at the time looking after soldiers who had been gassed in an understaffed hospital within shelling distance of the German front line, was summoned home. Joseph McCormick of the University of Texas School of Public Health says it is not yet clear why Ebola runs a different course in different people, but how rapidly symptoms appear depends partly on how much virus a patient was initially exposed to. Then the patient’s blood vessels will start to leak, causing blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels and fluid to build up in the lungs. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Makerere University and also manages the social media pages of UGO ie Facebook, twitter and Google+. The mission reportedly occurred shortly before President Obama took to the podium to deliver his State of the Union address.
A young boy (11 yrs old) is bitten by a snake that was in his denim pants (don't know how it got there) and even though he was taken to the hospital and given treatment, the bite proved fatal.
Usually there use to be separate antivenoms for each type of snake but in India where recognizing the snake might be a problem, the solution is to use a polyvalent antivenom. To say that I am scared would be an understatement - I am kind of frozen not knowing what to do. Those snakes have their fangs removed and without fangs a snake is as good as a car without its engine. They looked over the wall anticipating that this manimal Bijoo would be there but it was just a snake.

We turned it over and out popped a fairly large lizard type thing (Bengal Monitor Lizard) hissing at us. It was "her duty", he wrote, to help her parents cope with the difficulty of running their comfortable home. One of these was blood transfusion effected simply by linking up a tube between the patient and the donor, a direct transference. Armed with the knowledge from this book, I was able to confront my granny regarding various snake mumbo-jumbo which is considered conventional wisdom. For example : the coral snake(highly venomous) and the red milk snake(non venomous) are almost identical except for their color patters, but snakes like these do not exist in India. Fortunately, the snake thinks I am not worth the trouble and slithers away into the water-filled paddy fields bordering our land.
It cannot hunt since venom cannot be injected into its pray without fangs.Hence to stay alive it has to drink milk.
Our neighbours house however was infested with snakes and the tenant moved out of the house after seeing one (he claimed it had its hood open) in his (attached) bathroom.
It was soon beaten with the lathis, a few days later the story of Bijoo was also exposed as being concocted by a woman who had beaten her daughter with a cooking utensil and then got her to cover up the beating with the story of a man that turned into an animal.
We got home and and 2 minutes later this lizard was strolling in our courtyard and then ran into an outbuilding. Wounds were packed with iodide or salt, the body tightly bandaged and the victim shipped for many miles to wartime hospitals. As per him, most snakes bite only long enough to inject venom, but the viper (Anali in Malayalam) is like a dog when it comes to biting - it will hang on after biting. Simillarly venomous snakes tend to be less agile as they have the power of venom to kill the pray. Took us a good 40 minutes to coax it out without hurting it and then guide it back towards the plot outside. He takes a log and kills the snake and takes it along with him to the hospital so that doctors can inject the right anti-venom. This is a general theory but there could be exceptions as evolution is a complex phenomenon. I also saw a larger Bengal Monitor standing in the middle of the local road, as I approached it quickly shot into long grass at the side of the road.
The main trained corps of military nurses was the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS).
Soon after war was declared she and other grand ladies like her took doctors and nurses to France and Belgium, organising their own transport and equipment to set up hospitals and casualty clearing stations. I wish they would come to PB with me every time I go to Miller’s Field and stand in testosterone alley. Whatever bureaucratic obstacles were put in their way, the huge and bloody tide of casualties by the spring of 1915 simply swept them away. Relations between professional nurses and the volunteer assistants were constrained by rigid and unbending discipline.
Not sure if I’ve ever told this story on LobShots, but I went to one of their weddings awhile back.
They occasionally opened their mouths to re-adjust their jaws, kind of like a yawn, and you could see their fangs easily. Even the British Army's top brass yielded to the combined pressures of need and confident commitment. In addition several other organisations formed earlier in the century had the nursing of members of the armed services as their main purpose - for instance, the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry launched in 1907.

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