One of the non-negotiables on our To Do List is to build a quality first aid kit and do a first aid course that covers the potential accidents or illness that can happen on a sailing boat. Now I have some lists to compare, I can start to have more detailed conversations with those sailors who offered the fantastic advice above, our local GP, Orbit’s paediatrician and other medical professionals. This entry was posted in Babies and toddlers on sailing boats, Preparing Medina and us and tagged Marine first aid, Safety, Sailing on November 21, 2014 by Rachel Maas. CopyrightAll written, photographic and video content of this blog (accept music) is the property of Rachel Maas.

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Inside the hollow handle you will find matches with striking pad, wire ring saw to cut firewood, needles, and fishing supplies, such as fish hooks, lead shot and nylon line.
For hiking and camping, the liquid filled compass is great for navigation and the knife comes in a sheath with sharpening stone for hands-free carry. But I would rather know what to do and have the equipment than not, particularly when we could be a long way from someone coming to help us.

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