Wallace Cameron Green Box Vehicle First Aid Kit Pack of 1 1020105 - Norwich Office Supplies - Office Stationery and Furniture for Norfolk with Delivery to all of the UK.
Designed for use on the road, this Wallace Cameron green box first aid kit for your vehicle has a range of medical products to help during an accident. The sign informs staff of the names of the first aiders on site in case of an accident or emergency. Adventurer is a well-equipped First Aid Kit that will give you the basics to deal with most common injuries.

Vaccination UK Limited is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and are designated Yellow fever centres.
Get all your Computer Supplies, Print Consumables, Presentation Equipment, Paper, Desking & Seating Right Here! The 600x450mm sign includes space for the first aider's name and telephone number, and also has a space for the location of the nearest first aid box. The universal green and white colour scheme instantly categorises this as a safety sign on sight, keeping employees informed and safe at work.

The self-adhesive sign can be affixed easily to walls, doors and any other surfaces, without the need for tools.

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