Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage Royalty Free ImagesStock Photography & Royalty Free Stock Photos licensed by Publitek, Inc. After I completed making my BugOut Bag (BOB), a Get Out of Dodge bag (GOOD), and a Get Home Kit (GHK), I realized there was one more scenario that needed to be addressed – suppose I need help or need to get home or to my car and I’m without my BOB, GOOD, or my GHK? Scenario 1) Suppose you’ve gone trout fishing up the Snake River in Idaho and you slip on a wet rock and break a leg. If you have your EDC in your pocket or purse or around your waist or in your vest, you can do lots of things to help yourself.
In Scenario #2, you can use your whistle to signal the rescue crew so they can find you in the rubble. My personal EDC consists of various little tools hooked onto a couple of keyrings, as well as my wallet, my car keys, house keys, and my cellphone. It consists of things you have with you at the time of an emergency, whether the original intent was for survival or not. Your briefcase could be considered part of your EDC gear because you carry it with you almost every time you leave your home. The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook: Over 170 Pages of Food Storage Tips, and Recipes From Preppers All Over America!
I always carry my glock 26 with a 15 round mag on my right hip a 17 rd spare mag on my belt, a knife in my left front pocket clipped on, a small led flashlight (wolf eyes) in my left front pocket, my keys in my right front pocket which has a mini multi tool (like yours), my cell phone on my belt.
How refreshing to see a EDC kit that doesn’t consist of 4 guns, three knives and 5 clips of ammo.
That being said, I do carry a gun (but most of the time it stays in my truck) and a knife (though I fly just enough for that to be a hassle). Jason, sometimes I carry a small Beretta .22short, but it is only good for scaring away snakes and not much more.
One thing you might consider is having each of your tools on a separate key ring and then hold all of rings on a carabiner. Best part is none of it stands out or is obvious unless I tell someone, save for my jacket being a little puffy when it’s stuffed with gloves! I would suggest hanging the items onto a real, steel carabiner (not those colorful aluminum ones). The duct tape wrapped on an old rewards card or old gift card is safer, in my opinion, than using an old credit card.

I have very few occasions to go into high rises here, and my truck has a kit that except for water carrying (and I’m taking care of that thanks to Survival Resources water bag order as we speak), I feel somewhat comfortable with what I have. My pocket first-aid kit is the one that saved my hide on one occasion that could have been an emergency. I have a good first aid kit at home and in my car, but was caught once with neither of these available (turns out not everyone keeps a first aid kit in their car).
I have a bunch of other mini-pocket-stuff that is more routine (cell phone, leatherman tool, lighter, flashlight, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, pen & post-its). One other suggestion which you could incorporate is one of those panic alarms, I think some of them go over 100dB in volume, so that would be an extra signaling device should you need to be located. Just a suggestion as I see these things on sale all the time, and just thought of a possible survival usage for them.
In one of the classes I teach there was a suggestion for women with purses to carry two of them. As for the pepper spray, the local bicycle shop sells it to bike riders in order to keep dogs away and it will pretty much work for other aggressive beasts as well (2 or 4 legs) – except Grizzly bears. The husband is a retired mailman and said the spray works best if the dog is close but be cautioned that if the wind is blowing in your direction you will feels its effects also. I carry a small FA kit, GPS, flashlight, $100 emergency money, cell phone and keys in my purse. Instead of carrying a knife to school (or leaving one in your car while there) have you considered a nail file with a sharp pointy end on it? If you leave bottled water in your car in New England in the winter, I presume it would freeze and that’s your concern? I did chase a purse snatcher once after he grabbed my mother-in-law’s purse at the train station. If you generally carry pens, pencils, & markers, like the Sharpie, you can mix one of these Sharkie markers into the pile and most folks won’t even notice it. I’m going to check into getting the Leatherman Squirt P4 because it seems to have everything I want, and more.
I also learned that EDC is as varied as BOBs, GOOD bags, and GHKs because each of us has different needs and those needs change, . You survive the initial disaster, but now you’re trapped with a heavy file cabinet on your chest and a bad slice on your noggin.

In Scenario #1, you could take out your whistle and blow it, hoping somebody else on the river will hear you and come to investigate. For example, let’s say you are walking down the street in your hometown when a gas station explodes two blocks away. I intend to change things and add things as I learn from others and as I experiment with it, Already I realize I need a few matches or a small lighter (perhaps the Peanut Lighter) and some Duct Tape would be good to have. This way you can quickly detach the ONE tool you will be working with and keep all the other tools on the carbiner.
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Or you could use your flashlight as a signalling device at night when a rescue plane flies overhead. In my left front pants pocket are my house keys, EDC-specific tools, and my cellphone – things I need less frequently. You don’t get seriously injured from the initial blast, but you feel hot ash falling from the sky and hitting you on the head.
The other thing is to get one of those fake credit cards or a rewards card and carefully wrap several yards of duct tape to it.
I think the nail file would work the best for me and I could probably knock someone out cold if I swung my purse at them.
That was before I took a RAD course, got a permit for pepper spray and took the handgun course.
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