The Motorist first aid kit is supplied in a compact zippered pouch which is ideal for storage in the glove compartment of vehicles, ready for any minor accidents and injuries whilst out driving. All our reviews are written by real customers that have purchased this product from us and are publsihed without modification. Training meets OSHA Guidelines for First Aid Programs and combines lecture, interactive video demonstrations featuring emergency scenarios that are likely to occur in a variety of environments, and hands-on training to teach participants lifesaving skills. First Aid: Participants learn to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies, such as burns, cuts and scrapes, sudden illnesses, head, neck and back injuries, and heat and cold emergencies.

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Please see our alternative product: St John Ambulance BS 8599-1 Compliant Travel First Aid Kits. We have all of the supplies you would find in a first aid kit, inside our medicine cabinet. This is a very cool invention that I think would be extremely helpful and practical for homes all over. Nursing kit concept is a totally new and redesigned family first aid kit allowing better functionality.

The bonus of this first aid kit is that it blends well wherever you put it in your home due to the modern aesthetic design. Every kit comes with curvy scissors, a tape dispenser, tweezer clips, and a medicine cap, all of which are very easy to use and super helpful.

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