FIRST AID KIT have released a beautiful music video for 'My Silver Lining' - the lead-single from the duo’s forthcoming new album, 'Stay Gold', which will be released in New Zealand on June 13th. With real life orchestral sounds courtesy of their move to a major label Stockholm siblings Klara and Johanna Soderberg appear to be about to move up to the next level.
SumoMe Christmas officially starts today on mp3hugger and more especially over at our record label indiecater. SumoMe Until about a fortnight ago I was unaware of any covers of songs from the best album of all time. SumoMe Health had evaded my affections for the longest time but I was finally persuaded by the video for this song.
Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg (respectively 21 and 19 years of age) started writing songs together in their early teens. A little bit country, a little bit folk, the resulting sound rides on heavenly harmonies, a filial connection - a sound that soars because of hours spent listening to all the right records. The brand new album, The Lion's Roar, was well represented with Emmylou, the ode to duet partners Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris (as well as Johnny Cash and June Carter) being a sweet highlight. From 2010's debut long-player, the sisters found favour with a stunning rendition of Ghost Town, jettisoning their drummer to stand off-mic at the very front of the stage, just two voices and one acoustic guitar.
The Soderberg siblings returned the favour by covering the Fever Ray single, When I Grow Up. The best thing Johanna and Klara could do is employ a stunning backing band - it worked wonders for Bon Iver.
Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara’s third album as First Aid Kit is as warm and sunny as its title Stay Gold would suggest. As they did with their second album The Lion’s Roar, reviewed earlier here, they’ve travelled to Omaha to hook up once more with Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes who takes up production duties again.

The bench mark for the two sisters is still the plaintive harmonies of Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons.
But best of all, if you want to understand, or at least eavesdrop on the sorts of harmonies produced by that sixth sense unique to siblings, then have a look at the acoustic version of Fleet Foxes‘ Tiger Mountain Peasant Song that they recorded in a wood here. Sign up for a subscription right or below and I shall keep you posted every week on All the Very Best and Worst in Film, Television and Music! Basically, if you like the sound of Haim, The Pierces and Le Blow faves Say Lou Lou, plus the look of Fleetwood Mac, or possibly even the girls from ABBA, First Aid Kit are the new girl band for you. They’re releasing their THIRD album (where have we been?!) in June, and new single My Silver Lining is a fresh new track served straight from it. The band has also announced UK festival dates at Latitude and Green Man Festivals, with more to be announced imminently. Le Blow is a UK lifestyle and wellbeing blog (like Goop, minus the bullshit), written by Natalie Wall - a thirty-something living in London and wanting a simpler life.
17 June, 2014 By Sara Leave a Comment The Swedish duo First Aid Kit has released their new album, Stay Gold, last week, on the 10th of June. The two singer songwriters – sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg – are from the backwoods of Stockholm. Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit is getting ready to release their newest offering, Born Gold, on June 10th via Columbia Records. We’re supersupersuperpsyched to finally get to tell you guys about our third record: ”STAY GOLD”. Keeping true to title of the album, the first pressing of Born Gold will be on Limited Edition Gold Vinyl. There are a few exclusive bundles that are available that include the limited vinyl as well.

Directed by the amazing Elliott Sellers and shot at the haunting Paramore Mansion in Los Angeles. And the lead song from upcoming album ‘Stay Gold’ throws enough cinematic imagery into the pot to herald an act that could yet attract mainstream attention. But like Parsons before them, they’ve moved on from the sounds of Nashville to embrace a wider, unashamedly American panorama.
You can get a taster with the video from the opening track from the album My Silver Lining here. Maturity certainly hasn’t softened the haunting quality of First Aid Kit’s music, if anything they may have happened upon the perfect (countryesque) formula to soundtrack and soothe a million broken hearts. For all the beauty in the voices of Johanna and Klara they are rudimentary instrumentalists and a dodgy guitar lead did not help them ease into the intimidating silence of the Festival Club. That is the hook of the band's sound, sure - but all too often it feels like an earnest attempt being offered at a high school camp. There’s that sense of subtle transformation as the bright certainties of youth become tinged by the possibility of future disappointment and disillusion. Klara comes up with the songs and Johanna, who shares her musical taste exactly, helps bring them to fruition. They sing in perfect harmony, and in conversation they have a habit of looking into each other’s eyes when answering a question. Psych rock, dream pop, hip hop, and jazz records are the reasons for the lack of funds in my bank account.

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