Created by German inventor Hans Beck in 1929, the basic Playmobil sets and figures have remained virtually unchanged for decades. Includes miniature panic room and sawed-off shotgun for any Playmobil bank employees who want to play hero.
Good thing there’s a first aid kit handy, because those are clearly pre-schoolers handling the power drill and hacksaw. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.

DENTEC SAFETY SPECIALISTS serves the North American market through our national network of distributor partners assuring prompt service and technical expertise. Basically Lego’s weird cousin, Playmobil offers all of the imaginative environments and changeable figures of Lego without having to actually build anything.
It’s this quaintness, and a commitment to recreating real world locales like fire stations and hospitals, that has made Playmobil a huge part of early childhood playtime.
But does it include a tiny room where they make you sweat it out while they check your laptop for explosives?

For those of you that use our products we personally thank you for your continued patronage. We'll be happy to demonstrate the many unique features these products offer and how your company and employees can benefit from their use.

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