Each session is bespoke, tailored to the needs and interests of the individual group and delivered in a location of your choice at a time of your choosing. Cooperation between the greater honeyguide bird and hunters was first written about by a Portuguese missionary in 1588, but was widely dismissed as pure hearsay.
Once attracted, the birds lead hunters to trees with bees, relying on the humans to subdue the insects with fire and smoke, chop open the trunk, get the honey and then leave behind some beeswax that is a delicacy for the birds. In the 1980s, scientists documented that honeyguides seek human help by making distinctive calls and flitting from tree to tree to attract attention.
The call doubles the chances of getting led by a honeyguide to 66 percent from 33 and increased the probability of finding a bees’ nest to 54 percent from 17, compared to the use of other human or animal sounds to lure birds.
Most human cooperation with animals is with domesticated or trained animals, such as dogs or falcons.
Like cuckoos, they lay eggs in the nests of other birds and baby honey guides kill their foster siblings by stabbing them with sharp hooks on their beaks.

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Scope: Addresses the need for establishing Safety and Health Committee and programs in the workplace. It also covers basic life support emergency life saving skills and is ideal for carers, parents, parents-to-be, guardians and grandparents giving confidence and skills to deal with emergency situations. Our consultant will guide participants about how to get the best experience from this training with children in attendance.
This session does not enable you to be defined as a qualified First Aider, if you would like to undertake either a 6 or 12 hour course please ask us for details.
The only other known partnership with wild creatures is when dolphins sometimes work with fishermen, according to the study.

Johnson spoke to a packed audience of local middle schoolers and college students in Trask Coliseum on October 11. Daniels, chair of the UNCW Board of Trustees and local businesswoman, funded the inaugural lecture as a gift to the university. Daniels Lecture Promoting Diversity & Tolerance series is an ongoing partnership between the Daniels family and UNCW.

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