The Round-up offers a weekly sample of what our sister Red Cross Societies are working on around the world. Disaster response teams with the American Red Cross have been working tirelessly to provide relief to those affected by tornadoes and severe weather in Oklahoma.
Getting trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid is one of the most basic requirements when applying for a job, especially jobs that involve some form of  high-risk activity. There are more details provided on the provider website, including information on how to sign up for a training program, a complete calendar on available class schedules, and contact information.
There are two kinds of CPR program under the BLS program, (1) CPR for the general public and (2) BLS for the healthcare provider.
The ACLS program is designed primarily for health care providers who work directly with patients, such as nurses, doctors, nursing aids, and most people who work in a hospital or clinic. The PALS program is very similar to ACLS, but focuses on different pediatric victims instead of adults.
Once you pass the final skills test and the written exam, a completion card or certificate is awarded to you.
Jessie Caldwell, Hazel Pratt, Beth Thom and Sharon Wragg are encouraging more people to dress as fairies in aid of Woolverstone Wish. GRAB your wings and wand and put on a tutu to help with a charity world record attempt this summer. People are being called on to help break a Guinness World Record in aid of charity a€“ by dressing up as fairies.
I remember when world records used to be impressive feats of human desire, persistence, hard work and determination.

Police have been called to a collision between a Ford Focus and a Ford Fiesta near to the Suffolk Ski Centre. A father and son cycling duo raised more than £3,000 for a Suffolk charity helping women struggling with addiction. Sir Alf Ramsey wasn’t the only Suffolk knight to have a key role in the World Cup Final of 1966. A handyman has lost his driving licence after police saw him speeding on his motorbike while over the drug-drive limit.
On the 50th anniversary of his greatest triumph, we are today celebrating Sir Alf Ramsey, the man who inspired both Ipswich Town and England to extraordinary levels of success and glory. A Suffolk village will be flying the standard for top quality parks and gardens after receiving Keep Britain Tidy’s Green Flag Community Award. Police have been called to Thurston Road near Bury St Edmunds this evening after a bull escaped its field and onto the road.
Unfortunately, the water also comes with a certain element of danger including the potential for drownings and crocodile attacks.
As a result of the initiative, 36,000 students will gain valuable work experience this summer.
This blog is an opportunity for Red Cross staff, volunteers, supporters and friends to share stories about what is happening in your community and the important work you are doing.
There is a variety of training courses you can get at this provider, programs that are based on the training guidelines from the American Heart Association (AHA).
BLS refers to the set of guidelines and information periodically released by the American Heart Association, to update the existing guidelines on CPR and management and treatment of cardiovascular and pulmonary problems.

This basically teaches students CPR for the general public and basic first aid skills, especially how to deal with choking injuries which compromise the airway and breathing. CPR training is 4 hours long.
The ACLS concentrates on performing CPR in the health care setting – complete with a crash cart training.
Variations of performing CPR on infants, toddlers, and younger children are part of the program’s curriculum. Finding the program that suits your needs won’t be difficult with the large selection of classes and schedules available.
However, unlike ACLS which is designed towards health care providers, PALS can be taken by health care students seeking PALS certification as well as health care providers. Certain programs have renewal classes available but others don’t, so the whole program needs to be taken again.
Dont get me wrong i hope the charity raises a large amount but the supposed records are an insult to truely impressive achievements. Students who want to sign up for ACLS classes need to have a BLS for health care providers completion card or certificate and pass a skills test and written exam. She underwent such a harsh treatment, but she had nothing but praise for the staff working in the Woolverstone Wing oncology department.a€?However, the surroundings dona€™t allow for privacy and it is barely big enough to cater for patientsa€™ needs. Kerseys, in Lloyds Avenue, has raised A?5,000 to date.For more information on the world record bid, call Sharon on 01473 407114.

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