Coast Vancouver Security is a community oriented private contract security company serving the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, the Northern Coast and Interior British Columbia.
The difference between us and other security companies is the friendly and caring attitude we share within the company. With our stringent personnel selection process and how we subsequently invest heavily in to our staff's training, support, supervision, and personal development, our staff are ready to assist you in your security needs. Halloween Night PatrolWatch out for us this halloween in our sky blue and light green patrol uniforms! Free Community PatrolsCoast Vancouver Security is proud to offer it's free community patrols. Coast Vancouver Security is hiring for full time and part time experienced Security Guards, click here for more info!
When a person suffers a heart attack, the person's chance of recovery improves dramatically if a bystander applies CPR until the emergency response team arrives. Learn practical first aid and CPR from professional firefighters, and build your confidence to help someone out in the event of an emergency.
Earn recreational, occupational and workplace First Aid certifications to expand your employment opportunities.
Visit the Vancouver Firefighters CPR+First Aid website for upcoming training schedules, and to sign up for courses. The Vancouver Firefighters CPR + First Aid program is a non-profit society as a joint project between Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services and the International Association of Firefighters Union Local 18. It was established in 1997 to provide life-saving CPR training to the public, and is managed and run entirely by professional firefighters during their off-duty hours. Greater Vancouver & the Lower Mainland is home to hundreds of hotels with many of these being elite accommodation.

What are the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies that hotel management is looking for in candidates?
Of course, hands-on vocational training is the first step in the right direction to pursue a career in guest services. Just some components of the application process can include: criminal record checks, personality assessments, in-depth application forms, and of course, the submission of a hand-crafted cover letter and resume.
All of Trump’s employees will go through at least 4 interviews, and meet the General Manager before being brought on board. Offering certifications in Foodsafe Level 1, Serving it Right and First Aid level 1 upon completion. Join a free information session by registering online or call 604-430-5608 for more details. For more on the hospitality industry and its impact on Vancouver tourism, check out this infographic!
We provide security guard services in Port Moody and service a wide variety of sites, including hotels, schools, government facilities, construction sites, residential and commercial buildings, factories and warehouses, police agencies and private conventions. Our volunteers and staff will be patrolling local communities and giving out goodies to the kids! With a unique mix of travelers, Vancouver is a world-wide hotspot for people seeking for business, tourism or sightseeing. Currently, the industry encompasses big-name providers such as the Fairmont and Pan Pacific to smaller boutique luxury hotels like Hotel BLU and L’Hermitage.
Education and training provide candidates with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue a career in their chosen field. This means that pursuing a career in hotel management takes follow-up, commitment and preparation.

From then on, start looking at job openings or major hotel establishments opening up in Vancouver. Nearly 10,000 people have applied for a chance to work at the world-class towers, spending anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour on the application process alone. That said, remember that you’ll also need perseverance in addition to your credentials, references and experience. Brighton College is one of the few academic partners with the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).
As a global certification, you’ll be eligible to work in several different sectors around the world.
When she’s not helping out staff and instructors, Ashley loves to ride bikes and is a part-time aspiring internet celebrity. Our security team will give you the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. Competencies are the inherit behaviors that build us up as individuals, and define how we deliver our chosen service. We work with you to develop a security program that works for your unique needs and fits in with your unique budget.

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