Your email address - this will be shown on the page and will allow the system to notify you of further comments added to this picture. Another early jobs was repairing NCR cash registers; if they hadn't lied to me back then perhaps I might still be doing this one!
Around 1982, I tried to get steady floorhand work on oil field drilling and servicing rigs based in Edmonton, Alberta. Perhaps I have the wrong personality to put up with the BS or perhaps I am just accident prone. On one of my oilfield jobs I went to a hillside outside Fort Liard in the North West Territories.
In another position, I did two mid-winter tours to Norman Wells on the frozen banks of the Mackenzie River. I ended doing union construction labourer and first aid work for more than five years around Vancouver.

On one job, I worked on an Intrawest apartment in Coquitlam from pouring basement concrete until the outsied was complete a year later. One of my last construction jobs was as a helper on the injected stone pilings for the new third runway.
April 11, 2012 by gCaptain West African pirates are now using motherships to stage attacks, according to an article published by Tradewinds citing a report from Bergen Risk Solutions, a risk analysis and mitigation firm specializing in oil and gas and shipping companies operating in West Africa. According to the report, at least four staging vessels, or motherships, were used to aid attacks on ships and oil rigs in the first quarter of 2012 off the coast of Nigeria. Specifically, Bergen notes a January attack on a bulk carrier approximately 290nm off the coast of Lagos, the farthest noted attack on a vessel since bergen began conducting assessments in the area in 2007. Most recently, on March 22, a Nigerian flag chemical tanker 80 nm south of Brass was attacked by a speedboat deployed from a fishing vessel.
As we have mentioned in the past, West African pirates operate much differently than their Somali counterparts, typically opting for snatch-n-grab items or a vessel’s cargo, rather than holding vessels and crews for ransom, and also not venturing too far from shore.

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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. That started in Montreal where I worked as front desk night auditor, busboy and bartender at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. But despite these differences, the use of motherships by west African pirates is certainly alarming in more ways than one.
The Master raised the alarm and sent a SSAS alert and instructed the crew to proceed to the safe room.

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