While the long school summer holiday signals a lull for many Kent businesses, the opposite is true for a charity based in Kent, which says demand for its family mediation services from divorcing and separating couples are again seeing an upturn. Debbie Hillman of Kent Family Mediation Service says, “Six weeks of summer holiday is the final straw for many strained relationships. Debbie added that as the summer holiday goes on, Kent Family Mediation Service sees more and more couples who have already separated or divorced seeking to change the arrangements imposed on them by a family court. Sunday 19th June will be Father’s day, a day when a great number of Dads will be looking forward to celebrating their role as a Father. Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that last year, 201,500 single Dads stayed at home to look after their dependent children, an increase of 30,000 from 2014. Debbie Hillman from Charity Kent Family Mediation Service says, “The past decade has seen a sharp increase in the number of family breakups. Debbie explains, “Family mediation is the family courts preferred way of dealing with family disputes, as it is quicker and cheaper than going down the legal route, particularly if one or both of the clients are eligible to claim Legal Aid, which entitles that person to free mediation. As the School Easter holidays approach this week, many parents will have been busy planning to take their children away on holiday, or spend quality time with them, but for many separated parents, the Easter break can be a time of frustration and resentfulness, particularly if they are unable to reach an agreement with the other parent over how much time they are able to spend with their children during the school holidays.
Debbie Hillman from Charity Kent Family Mediation explains that owing to unresolved hostility and over charged emotions it can often be difficult for separated parents to put their differences aside long enough to reach agreement over child contact during school holidays. Debbie points out that with an 89% success rate, Family Mediation has been proven to work in the majority of cases and that Family Mediation is a far quicker, fairer and much more affordable way for parents to reach agreements over child contact during school holidays. Legal Aid is still available for Family Mediation, resulting in free mediation for anyone who is eligible to claim Legal Aid, giving a free *MIAM and free first mediation session for the other person in the case. Mothering Sunday, whether you are a Mum, Step Mum, Gran or Step Gran should make you feel that you are loved, respected and valued by your children, but sadly for those that have been affected by a family break up, the reality is that Mother’s Day might not always be such a happy occasion. Debbie Hillman from Charity Kent Family Mediation says that a family break up can cause cracks to appear in family relationships which can divide loyalties, sever family bonds and be responsible for tearing family units apart. The plight of grandparents in Kent who lose touch with their grandchildren as a result of a divorce is being highlighted by a local charity. But Kent Family Mediation Service says too little attention is given to the impact on grandparents, and the charity, whose HQ is in Sittingbourne is asking people to take advantage of a free leaflet available online and in hard copy to help guide grandparents who find themselves in this position. Family dispute specialists at a Kent based charity are preparing for their busiest fortnight of the year, as couples across the district make it their new year resolution to go their own separate ways. January sees a traditional rise in divorce and separation, as families emerge from the festive season having been battered by pressures on finances and relationships that have endured for some time but have been highlighted during the holiday.
Kent Family Mediation is a member of the National Family Mediation network, England and Wales’ largest provider of the service. It's two months away, but separated parents in Kent who are anxious about where their children will spend Christmas are being urged by a Kent based charity to sort arrangements now by working out a simple parenting plan. Kent Family Mediation Service is part of the National Family Mediation network, England and Wales’ largest provider of family mediation.
Conflict can make those of opposing beliefs, principles and opinions feel bitter, angry and frustrated. Mediation is the key to resolving conflict both mindfully and peacefully in the work place, the home, school and out in the local community. In observance of National Conflict Resolution Day, on Thursday 15th October, Charity Kent Family Mediation (Kent FMS) held a networking and conflict resolution training workshop for charity staff, local government and education sector workers, at the Maidstone Community Support Centre in Marsham Street. Kent Family Mediation offers legally aided and affordable family mediation in a number of locations across Kent, for anyone who has been affected by a divorce or family separation.
According to the UK Office of National Statistics, in 2011 there were 544,000 stepfamilies with dependent children in England and Wales.
Debbie Hillman of charity Kent Family Mediation explains that a family separation can greatly affect children.
Debbie further explains that children of separated parents are often able to cope better with these changes, if their parents are able to work together to help them to understand them. Contrary to popular belief, children can also take part in the mediation process, if they and both parents agree for this to happen and providing they are of an age where they are able to relay their wishes and fears to the family mediator.
Agreements reached in mediation can be made legally binding and legal aid is still available for anyone who is assessed as being eligible to claim it, entitling them to free mediation. If you have separated, are getting divorced, or are going through a family breakup and you would like to make a referral for mediation, please contact Kent Family Mediation Service.
NFM notes that whilst the number of new private law cases fell by almost a third between April 2014 and March 2015 [but have risen by 16% in the last three months], its helpline took an average of over 3,400 calls in each month from January to June 2015, up from 1,600 calls each month during the same period in 2014. As the long school summer holiday beckons, promising rising tensions in homes across Kent, staff at a Kent based family charity are urging separated families to agree a Parenting Plan as part of their approach to post-separation life. Family mediation is a process that enables parents to reach agreements without the stress of a courtroom drama. Kent Family Mediation Service has 13 mediation venues in Kent and offers legally aided (free) and affordable private family mediation. Parents (whether it is the Mother, or the Father) who are in this situation, will undoubtedly agree that when there is hostility with the other parent, it can often be a constant battle to try to gain access to their children and in cases where they is very little, or no communication with the other parent, it can leave them feeling frustrated, bitter and powerless.

Divorce and family separation is said to be on the rise; with over 300,000 families reported to separate in the UK every year and at least 1 in 3 children experiencing a family break up before they reach the age of 16. Debbie Hillman from charity Kent Family Mediation Service, part of National Family Mediation, urges any Father or Mother that is in this position to never give up hope. Separated parents should try to establish a business like relationship with the other parent and to focus on putting the children’s needs before their own.
Kent residents who this year face a bleak Valentine’s Days following separation or divorce are being assured by a local charity that they can avoid courtroom heartache over property, finance and parenting, by trying a different approach. Mediation does not try to keep couples together, but rather helps them agree settlements that are in the best interests of all involved, especially children.
Nutkin Au Pair is a placement agency covering the whole of United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland with most candidates preferring placements in London or Dublin. Our candidates all come from the EU or already have a visa in place, we do not register candidates who don’t already have a working visa in place. Preferably a 2 weeks settling period is organised with either one of the parents, or the previous au pair. Once we receive their full application with the above documents, the candidates are interviewed via Skype. If they have childcare references or a previous au pair family, we will ask to speak to them at the minimum via emails. Call us on 01932 565623 or alternatively complete this short enquiry form and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Arrangements for picking up and dropping off the children that might work in term-time prove to be impractical by changes in established routines.
Those that are assessed as being eligible will be entitled to free family mediation with no payback. Now, as many as one in three children will see their parents separate before they have reached the age of 15.
With a high success rate, family mediation also offers a more amicable route to a achieving a workable resolution that meets everyone needs, especially those of any children”. The penalties that are now imposed for taking children out of school during term time has added to the stress, putting more pressure on parents to reach agreements over how much time they each spend with the children in these often short spaces of time. Family Mediators are trained to diffuse hostility and conflict between parents, getting them to focus on reaching an agreement that is in the interests of their children. Furthermore, agreements reached during mediation can be made legally binding without parents having the stress or the expense of going to court and a MIAM; *mediation information and assessment meeting is now compulsory before court, enabling people to explore the benefits of family mediation and to see how mediation can help them to resolve their dispute themselves instead of using the courts to resolve matters and make decisions for them. In the UK alone over 300,000 families separate every year, resulting in many parents who through divorce or separation may have lost contact with their children; adult children, teenagers or youngsters.
It is never too late to try to resolve things because there are ways in which bridges can be rebuilt and where relationships can once again flourish; Family Mediation being one of them. Enquiries to family dispute specialists and divorce-related web searches traditionally soar this month. But there is a better way to manage your separation, and if you open your eyes to family mediation you’ll find it much quicker, much cheaper and much less stressful.
Conflict isn’t always a confrontation, or verbal altercation between two or more people. The purpose of mediation is to rebuild bridges, to reduce conflict and to break down the barriers. The training was given by Denise Ingamells, the Head of Mediation at Kent FMS and the Author of the Cafcass and Courts Separated Parenting Programme. Step Families are couple families, where at least one child in that family is from a previous relationship and is not the biological child of both parents.
When one parent meets a new partner, the child may be resentful of having this person coming into their lives, especially if the new partner already has children of their own. Family Mediation has been proven to be a great way for separated parents to sit down together to discuss ways of gradually introducing new partners to their children, in a positive way, which will help their children by making them feel less threatened by any new changes.
This can be extremely beneficial in cases where there is a dispute over which parent the child will live with, how much time they spend, including overnight stays, with the other parent.
In this instance, their ex-partner will also qualify for a free intake meeting (MIAM) and a free first mediation session. Couples are increasingly self-researching their options, and this is reflected the huge increase in calls to dispute resolution specialists on our telephone helpline.
The school summer holidays often lead to separated parents reaching breaking point, as arguments and differences boil over.
An expert mediator works with a couple, to help them to find ways to stay in touch with their children and enabling them to find ways of communicating with each other more effectively.
According to research, around 1 million children grow up with no contact from their Father. This is not always easy, especially if communication is not good, or if they find themselves being provoked into an argument by the other parent.

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Resentments resurface, hostilities accelerate, and the child can be caught helplessly in the middle,” Debbie says.
In circumstances like this, it often makes financial sense for the other parent to stay at home to look after the children.
As a long-standing family mediation service, we have seen the number of referrals that we receive rise sharply over the past three years. Debbie points out that every mediation case is different and that therefore each agreement reached, is unique to those clients individual set of circumstances. Patterns of contact can be trialled to ensure that agreements are workable, realistic and meet everyone’s expectations before any final agreement is reached. There will also undoubtedly be many grand-parents who have been estranged from their children and grand-children because of the breakdown of a family unit and they, at times when other families will be taking family celebrations for granted, will instead find themselves in a situation where they feel that they have been forced to stay away from their extended families. Family Mediation works by giving people of opposing beliefs the opportunity to sit down in a neutral environment, with an impartial, trained Family Mediator.
And there can be turmoil for pick-ups and drop-offs when children need to visit relatives they haven’t seen for the past year.
The opposing sides may be different organisations, departments, neighbourhoods or societies. A Mediator is a neutral third person, who will guide the discussions and to help the opposing sides stay focussed, to stick to the matter in hand. This will over time, help the children to adjust to the situation and to be able to begin to form a bond with a new partner.
In cases where there is a break-down in communication between parents, whether the underlying issue is because of left over feelings of hostility, guilt, anger, resent or damaged trust, or because of unresolved issues over finances, property, or contact with the children, it can be very difficult for people to be accepting of the situation, which can result in them being unable to move forward with their lives. The decision was announced Monday on the first day of meetings among the league’s general managers.
Another reason is that owing to the current economic climate; a number of people may not be able to find jobs, and because of this, some Fathers are unable to find work, or are not able to work and will stay at home to look after the children of the family while the Mothers go out to work. We receive mediation referrals from parents, grandparents and other family members who need help with family disputes following a relationship split, an impending divorce, or a family separation. More importantly, decisions affecting the children are made by both parents and any child related agreements made during family mediation are built with flexibility taking into account a child’s changing needs as they get older. Family Mediation allows people to discuss sensitive issues, to look at things from all perspectives and at the same time diffuse any conflict and feelings of negativity to enable both sides to focus on the facts and to find a way forward by way of a mutual agreement.
Conflict can manifest itself in many forms, including silence, which can escalate to avoidance and exclusion. Through communication and open discussion, a common goal can be achieved, a mutual agreement can be reached, one of which both sides will be happy with. Executive vice president of hockey operations Colin Campbell said the tweak should lead to more consistency and give officials another angle to review if an offside call is challenged following a goal. This kit contains every possible product to deal with incidents at home within a smart green bag.
The types of cases that our family mediators can help with include finances, property, pensions, and disputes over the family home, but the majority of the cases that our family mediators see involve children.
Debbie urges anyone who finds himself or herself in a situation where they have reached a position where they feel unable to find an amicable way forward, not to give up hope and to try family mediation before they do anything else. Agreements made in mediation can be made legally binding without the need to go to court and agreements do not necessarily have to be about children, they can instead include other matters, for example disputes or disagreements over a property, a pension, a will or general finances. If conflict is left unresolved, the people involved can become so entrenched in their positions that, depending on the type and level of conflict, the conflict or dispute can then go on to affect everyday life and it can become expensive, using up valuable resources, including time and money. While the success of the new overtime format has been well documented, the coach’s challenge has drawn more criticism for the lengthy delays of the video reviews and for the inconclusive results. One of the other options being discussed is allowing the situation room in Toronto to take over all coach’s challenges from the on-ice officials in order to better standardize goalie interference, but the consensus among the general managers was that the linesmen were getting the calls right the majority of the time.
Campbell pointed out that of nearly 100 goalie interference calls this season, league officials in Toronto might have disagreed with the officials six or seven times. As far as whether or not a failed coach’s challenge should cost that team a timeout, like the NFL does, that wasn’t pursued quite as vigorously. NFL coaches are given three timeouts per half, so that is not as costly as losing your only timeout in a period of hockey, although there has been some concern over whether a coach could use a challenge as a de facto extra timeout.

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