I'm now a stay-at-home mom to our identical twin daughters, who are five and full of energy, and our new baby son.
Cover the fabric side with double sided sticky tape and cut around the plaster shape so it is completely covered.
Lay down some cute fabric (remnants are ideal for this tutorial), and rub the sticky tape side onto the reverse. Filed Under: DIY About missVVicky Viola is a designer and blogger based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Products from Vivid Please have been featured in Italian Vogue, Biba Magazine, Goodie Goodness, Stylist Magazine, Storenvy, Uncovet and Refinery29, with awards from Blog & Buy Sale and Confessions Of A Design Geek and Cut Out And Keep. Viewing the world through wing-tipped specs, Vicky's passionate about sharing her unique inspiration and insights with the belief that it you don't need to follow the trends to get ahead in life! Thanks Catwalk Creative Vintage ?? I’m pretty darn chuffed with myself right now :B Band Aids forever! As a chef I constantly have nicks and cut on my hands and I like having cute things to cover them up!! It’s Friday, and the last thing you want is to be working overtime when you have plans for the weekend. You probably have a paper calendar hanging on your office wall or on your desk, marked up with deadlines and appointments.
Part of the problem with Excel, is that people don’t want to sit there and input data, but you can use a converter do to that work for you in minutes. If you have a large project on the go and you are collaborating with other people, you can use this spreadsheet as a database for project management.
Instead of writing  emails and having people write back and forth, you have a centralized place for everyone to keep track of their progress and write their updates.
Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be using the program for everything work related, and for personal use.
Learn how to prioritize and work on the low hanging fruit, before moving to the jobs that require more research or input from others. We are inundated with distractions from email, texts, phone calls, so anything you can do to streamline your work helps you to manage all that data.
Scrub your skin with ethyl alcohol where you’ll be doing your tattoo and put the tracing paper over it (with the drawing facing down). Gears are hyper productivity tools  aimed at dramatically speeding up software development.
You’ll need to create a new server side importer for every structure of data you want to import. Your server is polluting its database with records with every file import before the client is actually finished working on it. Any typos or other discrepancies between the file data headers and the fields of your model and your import will fail. Reading this paragraph probably took you longer than implementing an entire solution using our Gearbox Import Export Gear.
The last is a bold claim, so please allow us to show you how easy working with files can be.
Seasoned ExtJS developers will immediately understand and recognize the above code and structure, but please indulge us to elaborate a bit on what is going on. The observant reader will have noticed that the above example does not contain any code for mapping the Excel columns to model fields. While CSV and XLS(X) import and export provide a very solid foundation for the Gear, there’s even more up ahead.

Over the past 4 years she has established Vivid Please, an illustration and design company that brings her illustrations into life by transforming trivial products into playful necessities with a sense of humor.
Vicky's DIY tutorials have been featured by Mollie Makes Magazine, Vintage Life Magazine, Nido Magazine, Homespun Magazine, Design*Sponge and Apartment Therapy. I have those tattoo ones and I have moustache ones, and did you see the vera bradley ones?! Learning good time management skills will make your workday more enjoyable and get you out of the office much faster. On top of that, you may have dates posted on your online calendar, Outlook and your smartphone. By using a spreadsheet, you can create a daily, weekly or monthly calendar and easily sort or filter your upcoming project deadlines.
Spreadsheet lovers use the program to plan their weddings or other events and keep track of personal dates, such as birthdays. If you are using a spreadsheet to keep track of projects instead of writing out emails and having people write back, you have a centralized place for everyone to keep track of their progress and write their updates. It doesn’t hurt to play around with spreadsheets or PDF to Excel converters in your spare time to see what they can do.
When you are organized, you won’t be sitting at your desk when everyone else has left for the weekend, and you won’t need to take work home with you.
Wait a few seconds, then put a bit a talcum powder over the drawing and spread it around with the brush.
These pens are not very good for your skin actually, so try to find a different alternative!
The more users upload files simultaneously, the more processing power you will need or the requests will just start queuing up.
Oh, and while you’re at it, you’ll add CSV support and export functionality as well, still well under 2 minutes, and in less than 50 lines of code.
The button just calls the exportFile method on the store which generates an Excel or CSV file.
The following example doesn’t even require creating a model, it just reads the fields from your files and does everything for you. In the next weeks we will provide an Import Wizard for easy importing of documents when the mapping cannot be guessed or fine-grained control is needed. Because we believe code should be well written, reusable whenever possible and any member of your team should be able to understand it at first sight. With a dedication to unique style, her creative talents have cultivated many  popular DIYs and quirky outfit posts, all with a retro twist, naturally! Brands she has worked with include Joules, Laidbare, Projecto, Cable and Cotton and Firmoo. Are you one of those people who also have sticky notes all over the place to remind you of important dates? Include data such as contact information, availability, ideas, links to resources, the list is endless. A lot of brilliant people who know other programs inside out are intimidated by those tiny cells, but you don’t have to be. You’ll end up having more spare time, once you know what these programs are capable of doing. I have this pet peeve and didn’t find out this peeve until the I watched my dear husband hand wash dishes.
Other Gears are development tools to aid the developer to work more efficiently with their code, the framework or related tools.

Usually this is solved by uploading the file to a server, inserting the data into the server’s database or parsing it in memory and then returning the data to the client. That includes pretty formatting and whitespace, because what good is code if it isn’t readable? On top of that, we’re working on a PDF export the likes of which has never been seen before. As a bonus, you’ll also save paper and time, and that is what time management is all about. He’s much better now but for the longest time I had to show him and ask him nicely to wash a few pots again since they were still covered in oil. The Import-Export Gear helps Ext JS developers import and export Excel data files, such as CSV and XLS(X) by just dropping in a package and adding a handful of lines of code. First, a simple grid and store are created with information about what data to expect (31 lines). To help developers create awesome apps in no-time, while improving the quality, readability and maintainability of their code.
Many of my favourites have come from America, but I also found some great ones in Europe too.
Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be using the program for everything work related and for personal use.
I am ever so grateful that I have a husband who will hand wash dishes for me but I still have to leave the room when he does because I tend to be… overly helpful.
This means that import and export is not just a one-of task but an ongoing requirement of the application. In an Ext JS application, you’ll need to create a store, a grid, and a model that exactly match the structure of your data file. Then, in the afterRender function, the grid’s store is instructed to listen for files dropped on the grid (4 lines). This Gear is the first of many, so if we’ve caught your attention, be sure to check back regularly for more awesome software development goodies.
Spreadsheet lovers use the program to plan their weddings or other events, keep track of personal dates.it is the perfect tool for collaboration. Manually copy-pasting between the application and Excel is enough to drive any person crazy. You’ll also need a custom way of uploading the file to the server, and a proxy to read and write the application data. This can only be done in the afterRender method since we need the actual DOM elements being created already. State of the art systems are designed but when data has to imported or exported, we seem to jump back to 1998 and do it manually. I usually pre-rinse my dishes before I even put them in the dishwasher and they look clean enough to eat off of, which makes me wonder why I own a dishwasher sometimes. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.

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