Preschoolers and kindergartners thrive in environments in which teachers engage in frequent conversations about topics that interest children. Look for environments in which children and teachers talk together about new words and ideas. Ideal preschools and kindergartens offer at least one daily read-aloud time in which the teacher not only reads to children, but also encourages response and discussion about the book.
Phonemic awareness, or the ability to hear fine distinctions between sounds, blend sounds together to form words, and break words into individual sounds, is essential for learning to read. Quality preschool and kindergarten classrooms weave letters into a wide variety of activities, including reading Big Books (very large size, large print books designed for group reading), doing ABC coloring pages, making cookies with letter cookie cutters and doing ABC puzzles. For preschoolers and kindergartners, picture storybooks and colorful informational books on topics that interest children, such as animals, transportation and dinosaurs, are a must. Ideal classrooms for preschoolers and kindergartners provide children with many, many opportunities to write throughout the day. All children should have the opportunity to see books with characters who look and speak like them. Every Wednesday, with help from neighbor congregations and many volunteers, we host Shared Bread, a free meal for the community. The Church Facebook page is getting more and more active--visit the page and "like" us so you can keep up with the latest photos, news and links from the church. Children's Ministry (Pre-K through 3rd grade): Summer Sunday School has started with Miss Mele. Church R Us (4th and 5th grade): Please worship with your families through the summer--worship worksheets are available in the back.

The Class Advertisement Flyer includes your contact information, class date, time and location, and provides a short description of Safe Sitter® and how students are taught.
The Graphic Image is suitable for websites or social media pages and allows you to advertise the date, time, and location of your class.
We want to help you recruit Instructors who are passionate about Safe Sitter® to teach your classes.
We have created marketing guidelines for your reference that include logos to download as well as other visual standards we use at Safe Sitter®. In addition, they are learning about letters and the printed word, so they benefit from lots of exposure to letters and print as well as many opportunities to write each day.
Environments in which teachers listen to children and ask them questions are best for language development. Many teachers even provide art activities or projects that extend children’s understanding of a book after reading it together. Quality preschool and kindergarten programs build in a variety of activities that promote phonemic awareness, from rhyming games to sorting objects beginning with the same sounds, to reading books involving language play. For example, knowing that print goes from left to right, that one spoken word corresponds to one written word, and that we use periods and other marks of punctuation to separate sentences are important concepts for young children to understand.
Make sure that your child will see evidence of her background in the classroom, either through diversity of teachers and students, or through books and other materials.
Look for environments in which teachers have ways of communicating with parents regularly, such as newsletters or notes about children’s days.
If you decide to create your own marketing collateral, please use our Co-Branding Guidelines to help maintain brand consistency.

Consider these 10 simple tips for finding or evaluating an environment that will foster your young child or kindergartner’s language and literacy development.
These concepts can be taught through reading Big Books together and talking explicitly about the way print works.
Books should be placed so that children can get them easily and sorted by level, genre or topic so that children can begin to practice selecting appropriate books themselves. They can also draw pictures and write labels, make lists, write stories, use writing in pretend play, and write cards and letters. Some schools even offer evening workshops or have lending libraries of parenting resources.
We’ve created the Safe Sitter® Marketing ToolKit to help you promote your classes more efficiently, year-round. We invite all families, big or small to a fun evening of board games and yummy delicious tacos. Their intention was to offer something that would be fun, affordable, and appealing to their peers.

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