People most susceptible to heat cramps are those who are outdoors on a hot, humid day or those inside in a poorly ventilated area, particularly children, the elderly, or the obese.
If you suspect heatstroke, if the person does not improve with the above self-care measures after an hour, or if the symptoms worsen, seek emergency medical care.
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Heat illness occurs when a person's core body temperature rises above a safe level of the body's internal temperature range.
Children and the elderly show the fastest progression of symptoms and can collapse suddenly.Those on certain medications can suffer from heat illness, as well, as medications can alter the way the body handles heat and sun. They also occur quite frequently during pregnancy, but the people most at risk for leg cramps are the elderly, those who are overweight, and those who are ill. Those who drink alcohol before, during, or after vigorous activity are more susceptible to heat illness, as are people who do heavy work with inadequate fluid intake. Cramps usually occur in the muscles that cross two joints such as the calf, hamstring, and quadriceps.

If the leg cramp is mild, topical muscle relaxants, massage oils, or oral analgesics could relieve symptoms. Loss of salt in the body due to excessive perspiring causes the painful, involuntary muscle spasms. However, if the injury is more serious and severe pain is presented, a doctor should be consulted. The cramp usually lasts from a few seconds to fifteen minutes or more, and can be extremely painful.

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